Race Reports

Hallyburton Brothers Go 1-2 at Sunset Speedway

Sunset Speedway was full of brotherly love on Saturday night, with Travis Hallyburton scoring the victory ahead of Thayne Hallyburton in the second Sauble Falls Tent and Trailer Park Late Model feature.

Following time trials, it’d be Nick Goetz starting pole ahead of Travis Hallyburton, Rick Spencer-Walt, Mike Bentley, Thayne Hallyburton, Taylor Holdaway, Billy Zardo, Chris Morrow, Gord Shepherd and Jordan Latimer. Brittney Gresel started 11th, followed by Lane Zardo, Kendra Adams, Paul Maltese, Mike Meyer, Danny Benedict, Al Inglis, Mike Wilkinson and Ernie Fumerton.

Travis Hallyburton took the early lead off the start, with Goetz alongside Bentley for second ahead of Spencer-Walt as Thayne Hallyburton and Holdaway were side-by-side for fifth, with Morrow and Billy Zardo side-by-side for seventh. Goetz got the second spot on Lap 4 ahead of Bentley, Spencer-Walt, Thayne Hallyburton and Holdaway. There was almost trouble on the frontstretch on Lap 5, with Maltese making a big save to keep his car from crashing heavily into the inside retaining wall.

The battles continued throughout the field, as Morrow got alongside Holdaway for sixth at Lap 7, with Spencer-Walt getting alongside Bentley for third a lap later. Morrow got the sixth spot on Lap 10, getting alongside Thayne Hallyburton for fifth. Bentley was then able to clear Spencer-Walt on Lap 11 for third, with Hallyburton looking to follow him through as Morrow ran in fifth. Behind them, Holdaway and Zardo ran side-by-side for sixth.

At Lap 14, Bentley held third with Spencer-Walt, Hallyburton and Morrow going three-wide for fourth. Hallyburton backed out, leaving it up to Spencer-Walt and Morrow. Morrow got fourth on Lap 16, getting alongside Bentley for third. He then cleared Bentley on Lap 17, with Thayne Hallyburton following him through. Bentley now ran fifth, with Zardo alongside Spencer-Walt for sixth.

With 19 laps on the board, Travis Hallyburton continued to lead ahead of Goetz, Morrow, Thayne Hallyburton and Bentley as Zardo and Spencer-Walt ran side-by-side for sixth ahead of Shepherd.

Thayne Hallyburton then got alongside Morrow for third at Lap 21, with Zardo getting alongside Bentley for fifth a lap later. Bentley would then go around for the spin on Lap 23, collecting Holdaway and Gresel in the process. Under caution, both Gresel and Adams made their way down pit road. With 13 laps to go, Travis Hallyburton led Goetz, Thayne Hallyburton, Morrow, Zardo, Spencer-Walt, Shepherd, Lane Zardo, Benedict, Latimer, Wilkinson, Inglis, Meyer and Fumerton.

The first attempt at a restart resulted in Goetz going around for the spin, courtesy of Morrow in turn two. The second attempt resulted in another caution for debris in turn two.

The third attempt went cleanly, with Travis Hallyburton leading ahead of Thayne Hallyburton, Spencer-Walt and Billy Zardo, with Shepherd and Lane Zardo side-by-side for fifth. Shepherd got the spot on Lap 25 ahead of Zardo, Latimer, Benedict, Inglis, Wilkinson and Fumerton, with Holdaway side-by-side with Maltese for 12th.

Benedict then got alongside Latimer for seventh at Lap 28, with Holdaway getting alongside Wilkinson for 10th a lap later. Holdaway completed the pass on Lap 30, getting alongside Inglis for ninth. Benedict was able to clear Latimer for seventh with four laps to go ahead of Holdaway, Morrow and Goetz. Morrow then got alongside Holdaway for eighth at Lap 32, with Wilkinson getting alongside Inglis for 12th with two laps to go.

Travis Hallyburton scored the victory ahead of Thayne Hallyburton, Rick Spencer-Walt, Billy Zardo, Gord Shepherd, Lane Zardo, Danny Benedict, Jordan Latimer, Taylor Holdaway and Chris Morrow. Nick Goetz finished 11th, followed by Al Inglis, Mike Wilkinson, Paul Maltese, Ernie Fumerton and Mike Meyer.

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