Race Reports

Howse & Tiemersma Top Qualifiers at Sunset Speedway

After a thrilling two rounds of qualifying, the 30-lap feature was unable to run on Saturday night at Sunset Speedway as a result of rain ending the night early.

Frank Davey won the first heat ahead of Mike Weeda, Jordan Howse, Stefan Semeraro, Herb Walters, Justin Holmes, Chris Allard, Robbie Sikes, and Dustyn Mombourquette.

The second heat didn’t start off cleanly, with Coltin Everingham taking Ethan Constable and Brandon Passer three-wide into turn one, resulting in Constable spinning in turn two, collecting Jay Cutting in the process. Jade Franklin also didn’t have the heat he wanted, pulling off with a problem on Lap 3. Ryan Semple picked up the checkered ahead of Gerrit Tiemersma, Everingham, Miles Tyson, Passer and Constable.

Jordan Howse won the third heat ahead of Walters, Semeraro, Weeda, Allard, Holmes, Davey, Sikes and Mombourquette.

The fourth heat featured a quick caution with Everingham spinning Semple on Lap 6. Miles Tyson picked up the checkered flag ahead of Tiemersma, Passer, Franklin, Semple, Everingham, Cutting and Constable.

The details surrounding when the speedway will make-up the feature have yet to be released as of press time.

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