Kawartha Speedway

Glenn Watson Scores Second Victory of Season at Kawartha Speedway

Taking the lead early in the event, Glenn Watson did not look back as he scored his second OSCAAR Outlaw Super Late Model feature victory of 2017 at Kawartha Speedway.

Glenn Watson won the opening heat ahead of Kelly Balson, John Cadman, Charlie Gallant and Gary Passer.

Ryan Kimball won the second heat ahead of Derrick Tiemersma, Tyler Hawn, and Ian Bourque.

Tyler Hawn won the third heat ahead of Balson, Gallant, Bourque and Passer.

Derrick Tiemersma won the fourth heat ahead of Watson,  Cadman, and Kimball.

Come feature time, it’d be Kelly Balson starting pole ahead of Derrick Tiemersma, Tyler Hawn, Glenn Watson, Ryan Kimball, John Cadman, Ian Bourque, Gary Passer and Charlie Gallant.

Off the drop of the green flag, it’d be Tiemersma taking the lead early. However, his lead did not last long with Watson nagging it on Lap 4, and beginning to check out immediately on the field. Behind them, Cadman began to work his way up carefully, getting by Tiemersma for the second spot just before halfway.

For the most part, the field would string out single file, but there was still action with a heated battle for sixth between Hawn and Kimball through the middle portion of the 40-lap feature.

Glenn Watson picked up the victory ahead of John Cadman, Derrick Tiemersma, Kelly Balson and Charlie Gallant. Ryan Kimball finished sixth, followed by Tyler Hawn, Ian Bourque and Gary Passer.

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