Kawartha Speedway

Cory Horner Scores First Career OSCAAR Modified Victory at Kawartha

After coming close on multiple occasions, Cory Horner finally broke through as he scored his first career OSCAAR Modified victory on Friday night at Kawartha Speedway.

Luke Gignac won the first heat ahead of John Harper, Max Beyore, Chris Milwain, Cory Horner, David Balych, Mike Hearty and Dan Price.

The second heat featured a quick caution as Dave Hodgkinson spun on Lap 8 in turns three and four. Dale Reinhart picked up the win ahead of AJ Emms, Gary Elliott, Connor James, Tim Tolton, Adam Hagen and Wally Wilson.

Cory Horner won heat three ahead of Beyore, Emms, Milwain, Tolton and Wilson.

Mike Hearty won the fourth heat ahead of Reinhart, Price, Balych, Gignac, James and Hagen.

Come feature time, it was Reinhart starting pole ahead of Harper, Horner, Gignac, Beyore,  Emms,  Milwain, Hearty, Price, James, Baylch, Tolton, Hagen, Elliott, Hodgkinson and Wilson. Unfortunately, Hodgkinson continued to experience problems as he’d pull off on Lap 1 into the infield.

At the front of the field, Harper grabbed the early advantage, with Horner in toe. Horner continued to look for a way by, but was unsuccessful in all of his attempts, with Beyore and Gignac right on their tails. Ultimately, Harper’s night wouldn’t play out as he wanted as while leading around the halfway point, the engine on the No. 79 Modified would expire, resulting in him going around in turn one and laying a significant amount of fluid down.

As a result, Horner inherited the lead ahead of Beyore, Gignac, Milwain, Emms, Hearty, Balych, Reinhart and Price.

Beyore got a good restart, grabbing the initial advantage ahead of the field with the lead. He looked to be bound for a win in his modified return, until three laps to go when Horner was able to get underneath him, completing the pass to take the lead.

Cory Horner led the rest of the way en route to victory ahead of Max Beyore, Chris Milwain, Luke Gignac, and AJ Emms. Mike Hearty finished sixth, followed by David Balych, Dale Reinhart, Dan Price, and Gary Elliott. Connor James finished 11th, followed by Tim Tolton, Adam Hagen, Wally Wilson, John Harper and Dave Hodgkinson.

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