Kawartha Speedway

Tyler Hawn Scores Inaugural Hot Rod Series Victory at Kawartha Speedway

The inaugural Hot Rod Series event at Kawartha Speedway thrilled the fans, with battles throughout the event as Tyler Hawn scored the inaugural series victory.

The first heat featured a quick caution for Jerry Luckhardt’s back bumper dragging, possibly due to contact from Daryl Fice. Tyler Hawn picked up the win ahead of Fice, Adam Misener, Derek Henderson, Art Rogers and Luckhardt.

Daryl Fice won the second heat ahead of Hawn, Misener, Henderson, Steve Mayhew and Rogers.

Come feature time, it’d be Derek Henderson starting pole ahead of Adam Misener, Tyler Hawn, Daryl Fice, Steve Mayhew, Art  Rogers and Jerry Luckhardt. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be tonight for Mayhew as he’d pull off on the opening lap with a problem as Misener jumped out to the early lead. Rogers was the next to pull off, followed by Luckhardt.

The action on track was still exciting, though, as Fice made his way by Misener on Lap 3 to take the lead. He’d take his turn leading till just before halfway, with Hawn making his way through the field and by as the crossed flags were displayed.

In the closing laps, the eyes focused on the battle for second with Misener and Fice side-by-side for three straight laps. In the end, Tyler Hawn picked up the win ahead of Adam Misener, Daryl Fice, Derek Henderson,  Jerry Luckhardt, Art Rogers, and Steve Mayhew.

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