Kawartha Speedway

Matt Haufe Goes Three in a Row in Legends at Kawartha

For everything official, please refer to Eastern Ontario Legend Series’ PR Jim Clarke at Clarke Motorsports Communications. These are simply the notes and observations of Short Track Musings’ Ashley McCubbin.

Taking the lead early in the event, Matt Haufe kept his win streak going with his third straight Legend victory at Kawartha Speedway on Friday night.

Cole Ledson won the first heat ahead of Adam Cuthberston, Dave Riopelle, Robin Jongen, Jeff Drimmie, Rick Eades, Andrew Massey, Shawn Murray, Cory Richardson and Dawson Drimmie.

Matt Haufe won the second heat ahead of Kevin Foisy, Cole McFadden, Jamie Riberdy, Wes Cuthberston, Terry McCelland, Paul Pierik, Don Arnott, Andrew McFadden, and Joe Sherman.

Dave Riopelle won  the third heat ahead of Ledson, Adam Cuthberston, Jongen, Jeff Drimmie, Eades, Richardson, Murray, Massey, and Dawson Drimmie.

The fourth heat featured a pair of quick cautions as Riberdy spun in turn four, and McFadden went around in turns one and two. Haufe went for the daily double ahead of Riberdy, Foisy, Wes Cuthberston, Cole McFadden, McCelland, Arnott, Andrew McFadden and Sherman. The 33 was last to cross the finish line after being spun in turns three and four on the last lap by McCelland.

Come feature time, Haufe jumped out to the early advantage ahead of Adam Cuthberston, Riberdy,  Foisy, Riopelle, Cole McFadden, Ledson, Jongen, Adam Cuthberston and McCelland.

There’d be an early caution as Arnott went for the spin. As Haufe continued to lead, Foisy had made the move up to the runner-up spot ahead of Ledson, Cole McFadden, Riberdy, Adma Cuthberston, Riopelle and Wes Cuthberston.

The restart did not go cleanly  with Massey having a problem on the frontstretch, ending his race early.

Matt Haufe picked up the victory ahead of Cole Ledson, Kevin Foisy, Adam Cuthberston, and Wes Cuthberston.  Jamie Riberdy finished sixth, followed by Robin Jongen, Terry McCelland,  Dave Riopelle, and Cole McFadden. Jeff Drimmie finished 11th, followed by Andrew McFadden, Shawn Murray, Rick Eades, Paul Pierik, Joe Sherman, Cory Richardson, Dawson Drimmie, Andrew Massey and Don Arnott.

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