Flamboro Speedway

Rain Puts A Damper On Racing Again At Flamboro Speedway

By Randy Spencer (Flamboro Speedway PR) – The story of the Spring of 2017 as definitely been the weather and the abnormally cool and wet weather. For the third time in three weeks, rain has had an affect on the program at Bennett Chevrolet Flamboro Speedway.

The Grisdale Late Models and Lucas Oil Canadian Vintage Modifieds made their 2017 debut. Seventeen Late Models were signed in and the pits were full as the Klotz Auto Repair and Engine Machine Shop Mini Stocks, the Ray’s Auto Centre & Towing Super Stocks, the Pure Stocks and the Pro Four Modifieds joined the Vintage Modifieds and Late Models for an action packed night of racing.

The Pure Stocks continued to provide some of the most entertaining racing of the season and the 16 car of Mark Thorne continued his hot start picking up the win in feature one. Thorne battled Doug Moir throughout. The 50 car of Ross Winters Jr. caught the lead two cars followed by the 90 of Gary Slama. Slama managed to get by Winters on la 19 heading out of four. It was Thorne followed by Moir, Slama, Winters and Eric Crow fifth. Clinton Kerkhof had a great second feature leading all but the first lap in just his second night out at Flamboro and took the checkered flag. Wayde Thorne led lap one but Kerkhof took the lead on lap two. Courtney Scott in the 10 car had another good run. Mark Thorne, winner in feature one ran third most of the race until the 90 of Slama got by late. The finish was Kerkhof, Scott, Slama, Mark Thorne and Doug Moir fifth. Kerkhof said in victory lane that he won this one for his mom who passed away last year. Good job Clinton!

In Mini Stock action, Shawn Taylor has had a frustrating beginning to the year. After some car and personal issues late last year he was back and raring to go this year. Some more problems with the car, similar to what he encountered last season early on but on this night, at least in feature one, things looked good. He started pole and led start to finish in picking up the win. Three wide action early on as Taylor led the way and the lead started to grow with Jake Gilbert doing his best to keep it close. Further back a six car pack was nose to tail led by the 72 of Rich Schwartzenberg. For the second time in as many races the 03 of Jake Gilbert blew and engine and that brought out the red flag as fluid was spilled around most of the track. Taylor continued a good lead and Schwartzenberg battled Russ Aicken, Nice to see Schwartzenberg have a good start to the season. His tribute car to the legend Jr. Hanley his a beautiful looking car. At the finish it was Taylor, Aicken, Schwartzenberg, Allie Ditner and David Gallinger fifth.

An all girl front row for the start of feature two as Taylor Thring and Kaitlyn Wallace were out front. Thring and Wallace came together heading into one of on the original green with Thring going around and into the turn one wall. She was quite sore and she couldn’t continue. On the restart Mike Hooper led lap one. Jake Watson was the new leader next time by followed closely by Aicken. Aicken took the lead through 3-4 on lap 8. Ditner got by Watson to take third on lap 14. Russ Aicken continued his torrid pace picking up another win but Allie Ditner was flying and didn’t let him walk away as she made it close. It was Aicken, Ditner, Watson, Gallinger and Taylor fifth.

The Ray’s Auto Centre & Towing Super Stocks had ten cars out as the ranks continue to grow in this division. Brandon McFerran in Kevin Gallant’s 31 car and Nick Troback, back from some time racing at Sunset Speedway battled each other hard in both races. In the first feature, Chris Howse led lap one. A caution on lap three as the 8 car of R.J. Croteau cut a tire and hit the turn three wall. He changed it and made it out to finish the race. Howse battled Troback nose to tail and door to door throughout. Lapped traffic looked like it might become an issue but the lead pack split the two lapped cars to get through by a hair. On the final lap out of four with Howse leading he got high and spun the tires allowing Troback to get by followed by McFerran. The finish was Troback, McFerran, Howse, Carson Nagy with Brad Collison fifth.

In the second feature, Howse once again led lap one. Mike Coones in the 05 brought out a caution as he hit the wall and came to a stop. McFerran got by Howse on lap six and ran away from the field picking up the win. McFerran did the Polish Victory lap as he often does when winning a feature. McFerran was the winner followed by Troback, Howse, Nagy and Collison.

With the rain the Pro Four Modifieds, Canadian Vintage Modifieds and Late Models only were able to get one feature in each.

The Pro Fours will also grow in car counts as they usually do as the year goes on. Eight cars took the green and it looked like Dan Nanticoke would run away with this one but on lap 12 Mark Lucas flew past Nanticoke and picked up the feature win.

The Lucas Oil Canadian Vintage Modifieds has a lucky thirteen cars signed in and like some of the other divisions grow in numbers as the season continues. It was a clean race as the veteran Brian Atkinson led start to finish and picked up the first feature win of 2017.

The Grisdale Late Models have really grown and with seventeen cars taking the green it was sure to be an exciting night. There was lots of experience and some rookie drivers making their Late Model debuts. Gary Elliott, fresh off his induction this past January to the Flamboro Stadium & Speedway Hall of Fame was primed and ready for a busy season of racing. At 70 he is the “seasoned” veteran of the group as he makes his push for 800 consecutive starts in stock car racing in the province. It all started back on June 5, 1987 and he hasn’t missed one since. He was up against 13 year old Treyton Lapcevich in the 32 car and also, as Gary said previously, had some other young guns to chase…Hudson Nagy in the 63 and Blair Wickett in the 97. In the feature on this night, Billy “the Kid” Schwartzenberg led early with another young racer Matt Lockwood on his bumper. Lockwood got a little too close on lap 21 and brought out the caution when Schwartzenberg went around. Jake Sheridan led on the restart but “Killer” Kevin Albers was the leader the next time by. At the same time heading into one, by the look of the video it appears the 97 of Wickett got up on Sheridan sending them both into the turn one wall. As they rolled into one, Sheridan went up on the wall and over and came to a rest upside down on the back of the 97. The red flag came out and a 20 minute delay as the cars were removed from the track. Shame for Sheridan on his first night out. This completed a rough week for Sheridan. He also races a Sprint Car at Ohsweken and rolled it earlier this week. On the restart, Albers continued to lead and he picked up the victory followed by Shawn Chenoweth, Mark Burbridge, Hudson Nagy and Kenny Forth. Nice to see Mark Burbridge back behid the wheel of a race car.

With the rain too heavy to continue, the last three races were postponed to a later date. Looks like the Late Models and Pro Fours will run their second features on June 3rd to start the evening and then run their regular features during the regular portion of that nights program. The Canadian Vintage Modifieds will run their postponed feature either June 10th or 24th.

Please make plans to join us next Saturday, May 27th as the OSCAAR series in in town. The Super Late Models, Modifieds and NEW Hot Rod series will be here. That promises to be a great show. The Hot Rod series concept, being able to place an old body on whatever chassis and power-train that you choose. Many veteran racers and fans will recognize many old style bodies that raced tracks around these parts back in the late 60’s into the 70’s. They will be joined by our regular track series, the Super Stocks, Mini Stocks and Pure Stocks. Pits open at 3pm, front gates at 5pm and racing starts at 6pm sharp!

Please check the website for all the details, the schedule, points and so much more, http://www.flamborospeedway.ca

Thanks to Derek Smith of http://www.racepulse.com/ for the photos and to Ingrid Hartman for the videos, check her videos out at petalpower51 on youtube.

Pure Stocks Feature #1 : #16 Wayde Thorne, #23 Doug Moir, #90 Gary Slama, #50 Ross Winters Jr., #83 Eric Crow, #42 Leo Labarbera, #78 Clinton Kerkhof, #10 Courtney Scott, #26 Wayde Thorne, #31 Keara Gallant, #61 Paul Ditner, #3 Rob Shaw, #13 Matt Fraser, #14 Elijah Hawrylyshyn (NF)

Pure Stocks Feature #2 : #78 Clinton Kerkhof, #10 Courtney Scott, #90 Gary Slama, #16 Mark Thorne, #23 Doug Moir, #83 Eric Crow, #26 Wayde Thorne, #31 Keara Gallant, #13 Matt Fraser, #61 Paul Ditner, #42 Leo Labarbera, #3 Rob Shaw, #50 Ross Winters Jr. (NF), #14 Elijah Hawrylyshyn (NS)

Mini Stocks Feature #1 : #76 Shawn Taylor, #71 Russ Aicken, #72 Rich Schwartzenburg, #61 Allie Ditner, #84 David Gallinger, #88 Jake Watson, #77 Mike Hooper, #24 Blair Mayhew, #45 Kaitlyn Wallace, #55 Taylor Thring, #7 Matt Young, #07 Michael Kenny, #79 John Istead, #49 Phil Givens (NF), #03 Jake Gilbert (NF)

Mini Stock Feature #2 : #71 Russ Aicken, #61 Allie Ditner, #88 Jake Watson, #84 David Gallinger, #76 Shawn Taylor, #72 Rich Schwartzenberg, #49 Phil Givens, #7 Matt Young, #77 Mike Hooper, #07 Michael Kenny, #79 John Istead, #24 Blair Mayhew, #45 Kaitlyn Wallace, #55 Taylor Thring (NF), #03 Jake Gilbert (NS)

Super Stock Feature #1 : #73 Nick Troback, #31 Brandon McFerran,#55 Chris Howse, #63 Carson Nagy, #13 Brad Collison, #38 Bobby Mercer, #92 A.J. Miller, #05 Mike Coones, #8 R.J. Croteau (NF), #76 Shawn Arnott (NF)

Super Stock Feature #2 : #31 Brandon McFerran, #73 Nick Troback, #55 Chris Howse, #63 Carson Nagy, #13 Brad Collison, #38 Bobby Mercer, #76 Shawn Arnott, #92 A.J. Miller, #8 R.J. Croteau (NF), #05 Mike Coones (NF)

Pro Four Modified Feature #1 : #63 Mark Lucas, #15 Dan Nanticoke, #91 Mike Westwood, #68 Aaron Turkey, #9 Brian Nanticoke, #8 Gillian Hils, #23 Linc Erison, #93 Dan Petit

Late Model Feature #1 : #27 Kevin Albers, #89c Shawn Chenoweth, #02 Mark Burbridge, #63 Hudson Nagy, #86 Kenny Forth, #32 Treyton Lapcevich, #86x Billy Schwartzenberg, #9 Jeff Ruddy, #38 Bill Pearsall, #36 Gary Elliott, #50 Chad Corcoran, #41 Steve Adams, #35 Andy Kamrath, #5 Jake Sheridan (NF), #97 Blair Wickett (NF), #15 Matt Lockwood (NF), #11 Dave Osborne (NF)

Canadian Vintage Modified Feature #1 : #92 Brian Atkinson, #5 Mike Podd, #18 Jason Keen, #15 T.J. Marshall,#57 Steve Trendell, #47 Patrick Reulens, #00 Jason Bowden, #654 Max Wright, #84 Jeremy Barton, #19 John Karley, #80 Amanda Stoner, #88 BIll Stoner (NF), #29 Daryl Henwood (NF)

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