Race Reports

Rick Spencer-Walt Goes Back-to-Back at Sunset Speedway

With a strategy to focus on conserving tires throughout the 75-lap feature,  Rick Spencer-Walt made his move mid-race to score the feature victory at Sunset Speedway’s Spring Velocity.

Following Saturday’s qualifying action, it’d be Chris Morrow starting pole ahead of Ryan Kimball, Nick Goetz, Josh Stade, Rick Spencer-Walt, Dario Capirchio, Paul Maltese, Lane Zardo, Dwayne Baker, Gord Shepherd and Tom Walters.

The initial start saw Morrow and Kimball run side-by-side for the lead, with contact happening in turn two that resulted in a cut tire for Morrow. The caution flew on Lap 2, allowing Morrow to pit for a tire change, restarting tail of the field.

The second attempt to get the race going saw Kimball and Goetz go side-by-side for the lead ahead of Stade, Spencer-Walt and Maltese. Kimball put the No. 29 Late Model out front on Lap 4, with Stade getting alongside Goetz for second. Goetz kept the spot, clearing Stade three laps later with Spencer-Walt running fourth ahead of Maltese, Shepherd, Zardo, Morrow, Baker and Morrow as Capirchio and Walters ran side-by-side for 11th. Walters would get the spot on Lap 8.

Back at the ranch, Nick Goetz passed Kimball on Lap 9 to put the No. 24 Late Model out front of the field. Kimball now ran second ahead of Stade, Spencer-Walt, Maltese, Shepherd and Zardo. Spencer-Walt continued to slowly climb forward, passing Stade for third at Lap 12, with Shepherd passing Maltese for fifth a lap later. Zardo continued to run seventh ahead of Walters and Capirchio.

With 17 laps on the board, Goetz led Kimball, Spencer-Walt, Stade, Shepherd, Maltese, Zardo, Morrow, Baker, Walters and Maltese. Walters’ race would come to an end on Lap 25, as he’d head pit side. The battles on track didn’t simmer down, though, as Spencer-Walt gave Kimball a small bump on Lap 30, passing him a lap later for second.

Kimball now ran third ahead of Shepherd and Stade, with Maltese and Zardo side-by-side for sixth. The pair continued to run side-by-side as Shepherd got alongside Kimball for third at Lap 36, passing him a lap later and bringing Stade through with him.

Ultimately, the battle for Maltese and Zardo didn’t pan out as Maltese hoped, with the No. 28 going around for the spin on Lap 42 in turn two. Under caution, both Kimball and Morrow headed down pit road.

The restart didn’t go as planned for Goetz, as he’d break something, forcing him pit side. In return, it’d hand the lead over to Spencer-Walt.

Spencer-Walt got a good restart to keep the lead, with Shepherd and Baker side-by-side for second. Baker got the spot on Lap 46, a lap before the yellow flag waved again as Kimball spun Morrow in turns three and four.

Spencer-Walt got another good restart, keeping the lead ahead of Baker as Shepherd battled Stade for third, with Maltese and Zardo side-by-side once again, now for fifth. Maltese got the spot on Lap 51 ahead of Zardo, Kimball, Morrow and Capirchio. Meanwhile, Shepherd finally managed to clear Stade at Lap 55 to remain third.

At the front, Spencer-Walt continued to lead Baker, Shepherd and Maltese, with Zardo side-by-side with Stade for fifth. Zardo got the spot on Lap 57, bringing Kimball through with him. Zardo then got back alongside Maltese for fourth.

Rick Spencer-Walt led the rest of the way en route to scoring the victory ahead of Dwayne Baker and Gord Shepherd, with Paul Maltese beating Lane Zardo to the line for fourth. Ryan Kimball finished sixth, followed by Josh Stade, Dario Capirchio and Chris Morrow.

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