Jordan Howse Makes it 3 in a Row at Sunset Speedway

Leading flag-to-flag, Jordan Howse kept the good momentum rolling as he scored his third straight victory in winning the 50-lap St. Onge Recreation Super Stock feature.

Following Saturday’s qualifying, it’d be Jordan Howse starting pole ahead of Ken Grubb, Johnny Morrison, Miles Tyson and Gerrit Tiemersma. Coltin Everingham finished sixth, followed by Kenny McNicol Jr., Chris Allard, Kyle Passer and Herb Walters. Dan Archibald and Gord Shepherd rounded out the field.

Before the green flag, Grubb was given the mechanical black flag for a rear-end issue, which could not repaired and saw him not start the event. It marks a disappointment as the 2016 Sauble Speedway Champion was the top-qualifier through the heats.

Off the drop of the green flag, Howse put the No. 8 Super Stock out front of the field ahead of Morrison, Tyson, Tiemersma, McNicol, Archibald and Everingham as Passer and Walters ran side-by-side for eighth. Passer got the spot on Lap  3 ahead of Walters, with Allard rounding out the field.

Tiemesrma then got alongside Tyson for third at Lap 5, completing the pass two laps later with Archibald now up to fifth. Mcnicol ran sixth, with Walters alongside Everingham for seventh. Walters got the spot on Lap 9 ahead of Everingham, with Allard and Passer rounding out the field. Walters continued his climb forward, getting alongside McNicol for sixth at Lap 11.

With 12 laps on the board, Howse led Morrison, Tiemersma, Tyson, Archibald, McNicol, Everingham, Allard and Passer. The field continued to solidly log laps single-file till Lap 20, when Allard gave Everingham a small bump, passing him a lap later for seventh. Passer then got alongside Everingham for eighth at Lap 27, completing the pass a lap later. The first caution then flew at Lap 29 for debris in turn one.

Howse got a good restart to keep the lead, with Morrison and Tyson side-by-side for second ahead of Tiemersma, as Archibald and Walters battled for fifth. Archibald got the spot on Lap 33 ahead of Walters and Allard, with McNicol tapping Passer a lap later. Passer held McNicol off, though, to keep eighth with Everingham rounding out the field.

Back at the ranch, the battle for second got interesting with Morrison, Tyson and Tiemersma going three-wide at Lap 36. They got away without incident, with Morrison and Tyson continuing their battle as Tiemersma ran fourth ahead of Archibald. Walters ran sixth ahead of Allard, Passer, McNicol and Everingham. Tyson was then able to clear Morrison with 10 laps to go for second.

Tiemersma was the next to challenge Morrison, getting alongside him for third with seven laps to go, as Passer tried to pass Allard but was unable to two laps later. The battle for third didn’t go smoothly, with Tiemesrma going around in turns one and two for the caution with three laps to go. As a result, both Morrison and Archibald went to the back for the restart.

Jordan Howse got another good restart, leading the rest of the way en route to scoring the victory ahead of Miles Tyson, Herb Walters, Kyle Passer and Chris Allard. Johnny Morrison finished sixth, followed by Coltin Everingham, Dan Archibald, Kenny McNicol Jr., and Gerrit Tiemersma.


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