John Baker Jr. Building New Car to Defend OMRS Title

Last season, John Baker Jr. put together an impressive season en route to taking home the Ontario Modified Racing Series (OMRS) Championship. That doesn’t mean he isn’t set to rest on his loyals, though, with big plans already put together for 2017.

With series rule changes during the off-season, Baker Jr. and team have been hard at work building a new car for the upcoming season.

“It will be like a whole new learning curve all over again,” he told Short Track Musings. “Hopefully we can get things sorted out fairly quickly.”

While he admits the goals are to defend the championship, he admits the biggest goal making sure he has a smile on his face at the end of each night of racing this season. One of the places he could very well end up with a bigger smile than the others is Peterborough Speedway, as the series will return there this year. Baker Jr. certainly has gotten to know his way around there, having won there behind the wheel of a thunder car in the past.

“Peterborough is where my main fan base is,” he said. “It is awesome to see all of the faces again and again.”

As noted, Baker put together a solid campaign last year that led to him picking up the championship, 57 points ahead of rookie Stu Robinson Jr.

“I was overwhelmed last year,” he said. “We work so hard day-in, day-out to try again the best result we can .. but talk about our Cinderella story. It was overwhelming our hard work paid off time and time again. I owe a great amount of credit to my sponsors and to my friends in the Farm Bro team for making it so much fun every time we got there I think I perform way better at the racetrack when I am in an optimum situation surrounded by great people.”

Outside of his seven victories on the season, Baker Jr. admits the biggest had to be capping it off with a victory at Sunset Speedway’s Velocity 250.

“The car was a rocket ship until the last couple of laps,” he said. “I knew something was not the way it was supposed to be but I kept going chasing that checker. I won the race, stopped on the back straightaway to let the cars go by so I could do a burnout. When I dumped the clutch, the rear end mount broke and the car needed to be towed to victory lane.”

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