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“They Said What?” Best 2016 Sunset Speedway Mini Stock Quotes


Can you believe we still have to sit through February, March, and the majority of April before we see cars on a race track, hear their rumbling motors, and smell the burnt rubber & gasoline? Yeah, this off-season can end anytime now.

So with plenty of time to spare before the upcoming season, let’s take a glance back at 2016 for a bit and remind ourselves of some of the best quotes said during the year.


KEN TOWNSEND after scoring a Feature Victory – “We spent two weeks on this car. I’d like to thank the tech guys – Mike Brown and Steve Penny – for making me work real hard to make it a little faster.”

CHRIS ALLARD on Opening Night – “Run what you brung. I’m not sandbagging like half the kids in this class. I know the track is going to move me up, but if that’s what they want to do, all power to them.”

JOHNNY PARADZINSKI’s First Win – “It’s hard knowing what kind of field there is in front of you. It sucks that the 9 (Montanari) had some damage – it sucks that he got some damage; I don’t know what happened but he’s always a front runner and on my watchlist. The 21 (Townsend) is always there, and Fred Jordan – holy crap he gave me a run for my money, but we made it work.”

KEN TOWNSEND once again in Victory Lane – “I mean putting all the stuff back to stock parts and it’s faster than it ever has been. The car is fast – it’s just homework guys. It’s all about spending the time on the car and doing the homework as I have nothing special in there for power.”

BILLY SCHWARTZENBURG – “The best part about the Mini Stock division is that it is great for both beginners and experienced drivers. The talent pool in the division is always deep and there is no shortage of great drivers. I always felt the best way to become a good race car driver was to race against other good race car drivers.”

CHARLIE SMITH in July – “The last win I had here was on the very last race they ran on the old track, and I knew it was going to be tough after that. I picked up the Neon – we did good at Barrie and then slowly started struggling here, and last year – I never thought I’d see a top-five again.”

CAMERON MCGLASHAN Quickly Reflecting Back to 2015 – “We came down the first two or three weeks and didn’t know anything – didn’t set tire pressures, anything. We didn’t know anything. We just unloaded it and I drove it as fast as I can. We learned so much stuff – it’s amazing. If we knew what learned by the end of the year at the beginning of the year, we probably would’ve won every week last year.”

SAMANTHA SHAW Going into 2016 – “I just want to have fun. Last year was just not fun anymore – don’t know where it went, but it left. I need it back because dad and I have fun doing that. That’s what the sport is, especially mini stocks. It’s supposed to be fun, not a full-time job to keep up.”

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