“They Said What?” The Rest of the Best 2016 Sunset Speedway Quotes


Can you believe we still have to sit through the rest of February, then March, and the majority of April before we see cars on a race track, hear their rumbling motors, and smell the burnt rubber & gasoline? Yeah, this off-season can end anytime now.

So I’ve been trying to help us in surviving the off-season, as noted with the By the Numbers pieces, as well as They Said What? Mini Stock edition. Now with plenty of time to spare before the upcoming season, let’s take a glance back once again at 2016 for a bit and remind ourselves of more quotes said during the year.


DAN ARCHIBALD after battling Matt Bentley for the win – “That was some of the best racing I’ve ever had. We were side-by-side, beating and banging – but not wrecking.”

jadefranklinJADE FRANKLIN following a top-five on opening night – “I think it went pretty good. Isaw a write-up that was posted going into the season that said Jade Franklin posted a couple top-10s last year, and could possibly post a top-five this year. So I figured night one we’d start it off good.”

KENDRA ADAMS on her goals ahead of 2016 – “I’m not worried about what the rest of the field is doing, as I’ve always done. I want to finish each night knowing that I improved as a driver and I got everything out of the car that I could.”

BRANDON MCFERRAN on the Super Stock Division – “Competition is so unbelievably deep this year it’s wild. When you got guys like Jordan Howse, Treyten Lapcevich, and Miles Tyson also moving up from Mini Stocks, you know it’s gonna be a tight rookie battle for sure, as well as all the other rookies I’m sure will be right in there fighting for the rookie title. But when you got guys like Ryan Semple, Randy Rusnell, Matt Bentley, Dan Archibald, and Mike Weeda you know it’s gonna be a dog fight to the end. It’s going to be an interesting year to say the least.”

JORDAN LATIMER – “Respect is more important than the racing itself. I’m a rookie and I’m learning how everyone else is driving. So you need to gain respect for everybody else and race them not how you’ll race them in the future, but learn how they’re driving and give them the right away once in a while because you’re the new kid in the block. You need to show them that you’re not some kid coming in that doesn’t know how to drive. You need to race them the way you want to be raced, kind of deal.”

caydenlapcevich-1CAYDEN LAPCEVICH on scoring the Late Model victory in June – “I just went for it and got the holes. I’m not here for points – I’m here for wins, and this is an awesome feeling right now.”

PAUL MALTESE ahead of 2016 – “Things are looking up this year. There will be no excuse for me this year it’s all on my shoulders to drive better and try and finish races in one piece.”


NICK GOETZ on racing Jason Hathaway for the win on opening night –  “We’re great buds. I was in his shop a couple years ago – great shop, great team. It’s just unbelievable to race him and to beat him, a NASCAR Pinty’s Series driver and the amount of talent that he has on short tracks, to beat him is…Wow. What a great racing – just rubbing.”

Scott Wylie – “Whether your winning or losing you should always be learning. We have been fortunate to be extremely successful as a family in racing and I think one of the major reasons why is we never stop learning and trying to stay one step ahead.”

ronquesnelleRON QUESNELLE on 2017 – “We will strive to be good out of the box. Our team is already hard at working on the car. We will be looking for top tens we know this is a very stout field of cars and drivers. Really happy that my old crew and family are back on board with me.”

JORDAN LATIMER – “It doesn’t matter if I’m in a thunder or a late, I’m having fun.

SEAN CRONAN – “Wild night again at Sunset Speedway. All in all, I’m happy. That was a race of attrition again. Finished third – I was just trying to save the car. We didn’t even take our tools to the infield; we were just trying to see if it was straight. It felt good so I started racing it. I guess all in all, I’m happy.”

BRITNEY GRESEL ahead of 2016 – “I have an awesome team, personally I do. But we need to come together and to be a team and to communicate like I said and I think that the main thing. I need to communicate to them – tell them what my car is doing, and working together. That’s what make an awesome team.”

LANE ZARDO ahead of 2016 – “My car is built a little bit tougher than most of the other late models, and I have the crate motor. So I’m kind of planning on the second half of the season (with) everybody using their equipment up and I have my strong car, and can keep the tires on it to pull through the second half.”

CAYDEN LAPCEVICH in June after winning – “I was slipping through turn one and my spotter came over the radio and said there might be fluid down on the track and I’m like, ‘I think I hit it’. I slid up and got into Taylor, popped a right rear and then (Travis) Hallyburton came in and we were banging a lot there. A whole lotta fun. It’s a pleasure to race with a great late model field.”


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