Jody Bound Keeps Success Rolling in Midget Ranks

If you ask the question, ‘Who is the king of the Midgets?’, there’s a lot of people that will answer with Jody Bound. After all, the statistics back up the claim clearly.

After picking up the OSCAAR Midget Championship last year, Bound once again was victorious this year, winning six out of the seven Outlaw Midget races en route to winning their inaugural championship.

“Being the first year for the newly formed Outlaw Midget Series, I think the club shocked the Nah sayers with 17 plus cars every night which is a great turn out of cars for a traveling series,” Bound told Short Track Musings. “The family atmosphere was great with 2 very successful pot luck feasts which brought the club closer together. Its the people that make a club not just one person,  the right people doing the right jobs with the betterment of the club in mind when decisions are made.”

The season saw the midgets put on solid shows, with late-race battles and a race where Bound managed to fight back to win after going for a quick spin in the early laps. From the stands, it looks close and thrilling with changes every lap – but from the cockpit, it’s even more thrilling.

“Piloting an Outlaw Midget is close quarters in the cockpit, filled with side by side racing action,” Bound said. “The sensation of speed cannot be understood until you pilot one as you sit two inches off the ground. Being a ridgid car with no suspension the slightest change in set up can be felt instantly in the seat of your pants. Over driving the car can upset the handling which can make for ill handling car. Smooth driving and hitting the marks every time can make it look easy.”

With how the new Outlaws were laid out, it brought forth the opportunity to travel across the province of Ontario, while also crossing the border to race in New York.

“The most memorable moment of the 2016 season was going back to Holland International Speedway in the US,” he said. “A place were I had good success in the past in TQ Midget racing back in the early 90″s and captured the win with the Outlaw Midget in 2016.”

jodybound2On top of that, he also won an OSCAAR midget event at Peterborough in May. With the statistics of that nature, everybody can agree with Bound in that the year was “nothing short of an awesome year”.

For Bound, the interest in racing goes back through generations. Bound’s grandfather Mac Bound raced at Pinecrest and the CNE in the 1960s, driving for George Bowers. He then transitioned to Can-Am Midgets in the 1980s, which allowed the next generation to come into play with Jody Bound’s dad Dan crew chiefing for Mac.

“It wasn’t long until my father (Dan) got the bug to drive the Can-Am and did for several seasons,” he said. “In watching my father race, it wasn’t long before I got the itch to drive myself.”

Bound spent several years in the Can-Am Midgets, before taking some time off due to a new daughter, Katelyn.

The racing genes didn’t stay away, though, as Jody’s brother Jamie got his start behind the wheel, racing a go-kart for a couple years before transitioning to a Hurricane Midgets.

“Racing can be like a drug – you just want more,” Bound said. “I did a great job of not even going to the track for a couple years but it was when Larry Wilson and myself went to watch a car he had built for Brian Woodland run at Barrie Speedway that the bug struck again! After a drive home from watching the Hurricanes run, Larry and I had lots of ideas and the wheel was in motion to compete with the OSCAAR Midget group for the 2015 season with the help of Larry’s and my longtime friend Brian Robinson.”

Bound’s return to racing produced a memorable moment as in the first outing with the new car at Sunset Speedway, Jamie Bound picked up the win with Jody finishing. Bound says the moment still stands out, remembering the smile and pride on his dad’s face in having both of his boys in victory lane together.

The racing genes don’t look to be stopping at Jamie and Jody, either, as the fourth generation has already started, with Jody’s nephew Ethane driving go-karts.

“Don’t worry – Ethane won’t be the last with my new nephew Bryson (6 months old) and yes the possibility of the first girl Bound Racer in Danica (5 months old),” Bound said. “Lots more generations on Bounds to come to the track!”

jodybound3For now, though, the focus shifts to the upcoming 2017 season and the second year for the Outlaw Midgets.

“2017 looks to be yet another exciting year for the No. 5 team but will be no easy task with several teams making changes and rebuilds over the season as well as some new comers to the series,” Bound said. “The large bulls-eye on my back is well noticed within the club. The homework for the winter is already started.”

Beyond excitement surrounding the competition, you could say there’s an added layer as Bound says he’s looking forward to the possibility of a couple new venues on the Outlaw tour.

“There are a couple new venues across the border that have been in touch with the club to put on shows for 2017,” he said. “So if that happens, there will be a couple dates I will have marked on the calendar.”

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