Flamboro Speedway

Pete Becker Picks Up Pure Stock Frostoberfest Victory at Flamboro Speedway


Pete Becker made the most of his season at Flamboro Speedway, capturing the victory in each of the special events for 2016. He capped off the season by winning Frostoberfest this past weekend.

Andy Wheller won the first heat ahead of Becker, Alex Schuts, the 1, Mark Thorne, Rob Hoskins, Josh Shantz, Caroline Kelly, Kenny Berl, Eric Crow, the 00, Leo Labarbera, the 91x and Jacob DeLeeuw.

The second heat saw Wayde Thorne get into the turn three wall on the last lap. Ross Winters Jr. picked up the win ahead of the 73, Courtney Scott, Phil Givens, Ashton Reekie, the 23, Doug Moir, the 56 and the 03.

The b-main didn’t start off cleanly as the 00, Labarbera and the 91x got together in turn one on the opening lap in turn one. Unfortunately, the 00 left the race on Lap 4, done for the event. Wayde Thorne picked up the win ahead of Labarbera, DeLeeuw and the 91x.

Come feature time, Andy Wheller pulled out to the early lead ahead of Alex Schuts and the 73. Pete Becker began to make his way forward quickly, though, passing the 73 for third on Lap 2. The 73 now ran fourth ahead of Mark Thorne, Rob Hoskins and Phil Givens. Hoskins worked at moving forward, passing Thorne to break into the top-five on Lap 4. Thorne now ran sixth ahead of Givens, Josh Shantz, Doug Moir and Courtney Scott.

Caroline Kelly then got alongside Scott on Lap 8, passing her to take the 10th spot. Scott now ran 11th ahead of the 1, the 56 and Wayde Thorne. Givens tried to make his way forward, getting alongside Thorne for sixth at Lap 11, but was unable to complete the pass as he fell back in line ahead of Shantz.

Meanwhile, Becker was able to make up ground, passing Schuts on Lap 13 to move into second. Schuts now ran third ahead of the 73, Hoskins, Mark Thorne and Givens. Becker’s run to the front continued as he got alongside Wheller for the lead at Lap 15, but was unable to complete the pass as he fell back to third behind Schuts.

Schuts then made the move for the lead, taking the top spot on Lap 18 ahead of Becker and the 73 with Wheller now back to the fourth spot ahead of Givens. Becker then got alongside Schuts at Lap 20, completing the pass a lap later to take the top spot as the 73 continued to run third ahead of Wheller, Givens and Thorne.

Unfortunately, the whole race didn’t go cleanly as the caution flew on Lap 24 for an incident involving Kenny Berl, Mark Thorne and Wheller off of turn two. With the running order shuffled, Becker restarted as the leader ahead of Schuts, the 73, Givens, Shantz, Kelly, Hoskins, the 23, Scott, the 91x, Jacob DeLeeuw, Moir and the 56.

Becker got a good restart to keep the lead ahead of Schuts, the 73, Shantz and Kelly. Hoskins continued to run sixth ahead of the 23, Scott, the 56 and the 1. Crow worked his way into 11th ahead of Moir by Lap 27. the 1 then got alongside the 56 for ninth on Lap 28, completing the pass on the last lap.

Pete Becker led the rest of the way en route to picking up the win ahead of Alex Schuts, the 73, Josh Shantz and Caroline Kelly. Rob Hoskins finished sixth, followed by the 23, Courtney Scott, the 1 and the 56. Eric Crow finished 11th, followed by Doug Moir, Leo Labarbera, Wayde Thorne, the 91x, the 00, Jacob DeLeeuw and Phil Givens.

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