Flamboro Speedway

Cory Young Captures 2016 Frostoberfest Mini Stock Victory


With a runner-up and a victory, Cory Young was able to take home the igloo as the 2016 Frostoberfest Mini Stock Champion at Flamboro Speedway.

The first heat saw Mike Hooper and Wayde Thorne get together in three on Lap 1, resulting the caution. The caution then flew for a second time at Lap 3 for debris in turn two. Russ Aicken picked up the win ahead of Bob Gilbert, Darrin Thring, Tim Tolton, James Townsend, Mark Da Silva, the 24 and Emily Gilmour.

The second heat saw a quick yellow at Lap 1 due to Rich Schwartzenburg spinning following contact with Donovan Price. Then on the restart, Samantha Shaw cut a tire while battling for the lead against Lane Zardo. Zardo picked up the win ahead of Blair Wickett, Cory Young, Nick Clarke, Paul Boyd, Scott Mast, Stefan Woyslaw, Wade Watson, Schwartzenburg and Price.

The third heat saw the caution fly on Lap 2 due to David Gallinger for spinning in turn two. Kevin Bridge picked up the win ahead of the 78, Chad Ditner, Gallinger, Carson Nagy, Michael Kenny and Steph Kopecny.

Come b-main time, things started off messy as Hooper spun, collecting Thorne and Kopecny in the process. Then on the restart, Kenny and Shaw got together. Rich Schwartzenburg picked up the win ahead of Kenny, Shaw, the 78, Jake Hooker, Price and Kopecny.

For the first of two features, it’d be Russ Aicken starting pole ahead of Lane Zardo, Kevin Bridge, Bob Gilbert, Blair Wickett, Darrin Thring, Cory Young, Chad Ditner, Tim Tolton, Nick Clarke, Rodney Rutherford, James Townsend, Paul Boyd, Kris Khan, Mark Da Silva, Scott Mast, Kyle Istead, the 24, Stefan Woyslaw, David Gallinger, Emily Gilmour, Wade Watson, Carson Nagy, Rich Schwartzenburg, Samantha Shaw, the 78, Jake Hooker, Steph Kopecny, Michael Kenny and Donovan Price.

Russ Aicken jumped out to the early lead behind the wheel of the No. 71 London Recreational Racing entry ahead of Zardo, Bridge, Wickett and Young. Gilbert moved up into sixth on Lap 2 ahead of Thring, Clarke and Tolton. It didn’t take long for the first caution to fly, coming on Lap 3 for the Istead and the 78 getting together in turns three and four.

Aicken got a good restart to keep the lead with Bridge slipping into second as Zardo battled Young for third. Young got the spot on Lap 5 ahead of Zardo, as Wickett rounded out the top-five. Clarke move into sixth on Lap 6 ahead of Thring, Gilbert, Tolton and Townsend. Rutherford then got alongsie Townsend for 10th on Lap 8, while Young got alongside Bridge a lap later for second. Meanwhile, Nagy made his way off the track into the pits.

Aicken continued to lead with Young clearing Bridge for second on Lap 12 ahead of Zardo, Wickett and Clarke. The caution then flew two laps later for Gilbert spinning around. With 16 laps to go, Aicken led Young, Bridge, Zardo, Wickett, Clarke, Thring, Townsend, Boyd, Tolton, Rutherford, Da Silva, the 24, Watson and Istead.

Aicken got a good restart to keep the lead as Bridge cleared Young to move back into second ahead of Zardo, with Wickett and Clarke side-by-side for fifth. The caution then came back out, though, as Woyslaw spun on the backstretch on Lap 17.

Aicken got another good restart as things got crazy with Bridge, Young and Zardo going three-wide for second. Bridge got the spot on Lap 19 ahead of Young, Zardo and Clarke as Townsend got alongside Wickett for sixth.

Bridge then kept moving forward, passing Aicken on Lap 21 to put the No. 17 LIUNA Local 1059, Castrol Canada, Huronview Insurance, Lakeside Chevrolet Buick GMC Ltd., Daniel Kelley Custom Cabinetry, Saugeen Shores Transmission , Spira Fire Protection, The Beef Way, Kincardine Country Depot / Kincardine UPI, Epic Racewear, Imagewraps.ca, Coldwell Banker The Property Shoppe Real Estate Brokerage, 4 Wheels Performance Inc., Bridge Haven Angus, Gilcreest Speed & Custom, DJD Graphics and Permatex Honda out front.

Aicken was able to hold off Young to remain in second, as Zardo and Clarke rounded out the top-five. Townsend ran sixth ahead of Wickett and Thring as Boyd and Tolton ran side-by-side for eighth. The caution then came out on Lap 25, though, as Woyslaw spun Price.

Bridge got a good restart to keep the lead ahead of Aicken and Young, but the caution came back out for Watson and Gilbert spinning around going into turn one. Under caution, Zardo gave up the fourth spot to go pit side for service, returning back to the track before the green flag. The restart wasn’t clean, though, as it resulted in the sixth caution for Aicken getting up high in turns three and four, collecting the 24 in the aftermath.

Kevin Bridge then got a good restart, leading the final four laps en route to victory ahead of Cory Young, Nick Clarke, James Townsend and Blair Wickett. Darrin Thring finished sixth, followed by Paul Boyd, Tim Tolton, Jake Hooker and Scott Mast.

Rodney Rutherford finished 11th, followed by Samantha Shaw, Mark Da Silva, Bob Gilbert, Donovan Price, Lane Zardo, the 24, Russ Aicken, Kris Khan and Stefan Woyslaw. Chad Ditner finished 21st, followed by David Gallinger, Emily Gilmour, Steph Kopecny, Michael Kenny, Kyle Istead, Wade Watson and Rich Schwartzenburg.

Come time for the second feature, it’d be David Gallinger starting pole ahead of Kris Khan, Russ Aicken, the 24, Donovan Price, Lane Zardo, Bob Gilbert, Mark Da Silva, Samantha Shaw, Scott Mast, Jake Hooker, Tim Tolton, Paul Boyd, Darrin Thring, Blair Wickett, James Townsend, Nick Clarke and Cory Young.

The feature started with Aicken getting alongside Gallinger for the lead on the opening lap, with Aicken taking the top spot on Lap 2, bringing Price, Zardo and Khan through with him before the first caution flew. Boyd spun off the backstretch on Lap 2 without caution, but Rich Schwartzenburg and Emily Gilmour spinning off turn two on Lap 4 brought out the yellow. In the aftermath, Steph Kopecny caught a piece of Gilmour, spinning into the backstretch grass.

Aicken got a good restart to keep the lead with Zardo now up into the runner-up spot ahead of Khan, Price, Thring and Gallinger. Townsend then tagged the back of Gallinger in turn one and two on Lap 8, which allowed Clarke to move up into sixth a lap later ahead of Townsend as Bridge and Young ran side-by-side for eighth. Young got the spot on Lap 10 ahead of Bridge, with Tolton rounding out the top-10.

Young continued to move his way up through the field, getting alongside Townsend for seventh at Lap 11, and taking the spot a lap later as Wickett moved into ninth. The battles were throughout the field as Thring got alongside Price for fourth at Lap 13, completing the pass a lap later as Clarke continued to run sixth. Thring then tried to make the move on Khan for third on Lap 15, but contact happened off of turn two resulting in Thring spinning and the second caution.

The first attempt at a restart produced the third caution as Zardo caught the turn two wall following contact from Aicken. Zardo followed Aicken under caution, drawing the ire of the officials and resulting in the black flag.

Aicken got to keep his spot, getting a good restart to keep the lead with Price now in second ahead of Young, Bridge, Khan and Clarke. Clarke then got alongside Khan for forth at Lap 18, while Young passed Price a lap later to move up to second. Bridge then got alongside Price for third at Lap 19, though Bridge then began to slow a lap later which allowed Clarke to get alongside Price. Clarke then completed the pass on Lap 21 for third, bringing Wickett through with him.

At the front of the field, Young was able to get by Aicken for the top spot on Lap 22, putting the No. 36 JOHNNY B’S AUTOMOTIVE & CAR CARE, PIZZA HUT OF OWEN SOUND, INTELLIGENT WELLNESS – DR. ELAINE YOUNG, KILANNAN BREWING LTD., IMAGEWRAPS.CA AND OWEN SOUND FITNESS & TRAINING Honda Civic out front of Aicken and Clarke.

Behind them, Wickett had worked his way up to fourth ahead of Price, Khan, Tolton, Townsend and Gilbert. The race for sixth then took a bad turn on Lap 25, as Townsend and Tolton got together in turns three and four, bringing out the caution.

Cory Young then got a good restart with five laps to go, leading the rest of the way to score the victory ahead of Russ Aicken, Nick Clarke, Blair Wickett and Donovan Price. Kris Khan finished sixth, followed by Bob Gilbert, Samantha Shaw, Chad Ditner and Scott Mast. Jake Hooker finished 11th, followed by Darrin Thring, James Townsend, Rodney Rutherford, Tim Tolton, David Gallinger, Mark Da Silva, Kyle Istead, Carson Nagy and Emily Gilmour.

With a second and a first on the night, Cory Young was crowned the overall winner of the event.

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