Race Reports

Cameron McGlashan Scores Second Career Feature Victory at Sunset Speedway


Starting on the pole, Cameron McGlashan would lead flag-to-flag en route to scoring his second career feature victory at Sunset Speedway in the Signs of Innovation Mighty Mini division. McGlashan becomes the fourth multi-winner in the division thus far this season.

McGlashan started off the night in victory lane, winning his qualifying heat ahead of Mike Robinson Jr., Stefan Woyslaw, Chandler Bos, Wendy Adams, Randi Seguin, Brandon Passer, Josh Inglis, Eric Rainey and Peter Wakeling.

Treyten Lapcevich won the second heat ahead of Nick St. Onge, Stefan Semeraro, Robert Toope, Chris Allard, Jeremy McLean, Doug Wilman, Lisa DeLeeuw and Joe Dunlop.

The b-main would see a caution with two laps to go as Billy McLeod stalled going into turn one. Then on the restart, Matthew Ashley would go for a spin in turn one. Passer picked up his first career victory ahead of Wilman, Dunlop, DeLeeuw, Rainey, Wakeling and Ashley.

Come feature time, Cameron McGlashan would start the No. 83 England Enterprises, ORVauto, Taylor Drywalling & Taping, Express Yourself Décor Mustang on pole ahead of Stefan Semeraro, Mike Robinson Jr., Stefan Woyslaw, Nick St. Onge, Randi Seguin, Wendy Adams, Jeremy McLean, Eric Rainey, Brandon Passer, Peter Wakeling, Treyten Lapcevich, Joe Dunlop and Chris Allard.

McGlashan would grab the early lead ahead of Robinson Jr., Semeraro, Woyslaw, Sequin and McLean as Adams and St. Onge battled for seventh. The caution would fly on lap five, though, as Allard would slow with a flat tire. Under caution, Matthew Ashley would begin leaking fluid, pulling pit side done for the event. With 16 laps to go, McGlashan led Robinson Jr., Semeraro, Woyslaw, Seguin, McLean, Adams, Passer, Lapcevich, Dunlop and Wilman.

McGlashan would get a good restart to keep the lead ahead of Robinson Jr., Semeraro, Seguin, Woyslaw and McLean, but the caution would fly again as a result of an incident between St. Onge and Chandler Bos. The restart brought forth the third caution for both Semeraro and Woyslaw spinning in turn four.

The second attempt at a restart would go much cleaner, featuring a back-and-forth battle for the lead between McGlashan and Robinson Jr. for the lead. McGlashan would grab the top spot on lap nine ahead of Robinson Jr., Seguin, Passer, Lapcevich and McLean. Lapcevich would get alongside Passer for fourth when the caution flew for Adams spinning in turn four, collecting Wilman in the process. At the halfway mark, McGlashan led Robinson Jr., Woyslaw, Passer, Lapcevich, McLean, Dunlop, Allard, Toope, Wilman and DeLeeuw.

The restart brought forth another impressive battle between McGlashan and Robinson Jr., with McGlashan grabbing the lead on lap 12 ahead of Robinson Jr., Seguin, Passer and Lapcevich. Lapcevich would get alongside Passer for fourth on lap 13, easily completing the pass to get alongside Seguin for third. Lapcevich would then move into third with three laps to go ahead of Seguin, Allard, Passer, Dunlop, McLean, Toope, Woyslaw, Semeraro and Wilman.

At the front of the field, Cameron McGlashan would lead the rest of the way en route to scoring the victory ahead of Mike Robinson Jr., Treyten Lapcevich, Randi Seguin, Chris Allard, Brandon Passer, Joe Dunlop, Jeremy McLean, Robert Toope, Stefan Woyslaw, Stefan Semraro, Doug Wilman, Chandler Bos, Eric Rainey, Lisa DeLeeuw, Nick St. Onge and Wendy Adams.

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