Race Reports

Taylor Holdaway Scores Late Model Feature Victory at Sunset Speedway

For the third straight race in a row, it’d be Taylor Holdaway gracing Sunset Speedway victory lane after he was able to hold off all challengers in the first of two features on Saturday night. The victory in the first feature marked his eighth win in the last 10 features.

Holdaway started off the evening by setting the quickest time in time trials with a lap of 14.629 seconds behind the wheel of the No. 41 Holdaway Automotive, Imagefactor.ca Motorsports Design and Photography, Wix Filters, Castrol Canada, Kart Start presented by Toyota, Sunshine Super Wash, and Stefko Racing Engines Late Model. Rick Walt would start second, followed by Jason Witty, Brittney Gresel, Dwayne Baker, Gord Shepherd, Tom Walters, Dwight Brown, Travis Hallyburton, Nick Goetz, Jordan Latimer, Ian Bourque, Scott Wylie, Thayne Hallyburton, Chris Morrow, Billy Zardo, Frank Davey, Ernie Fumerton, Al Inglis, Andre Pepin, Gary Elliott, Mike Wilkinson, Paul Maltese, Adam Martin, Marcus Keeler, Dave Bartlett and Rick Terry.

Although Holdaway started on pole, he wouldn’t lead the first lap of the feature as Walt would put the No. 31 Cindy Snow ReMax, Rust Check Canada, Eisses Pumping Services, Jim Wilson Chevrolet in Orillia, Oro Collision, Simone Autosport, HOTC, Walt Fab, Seaton Structures, Pizzaville, Redline Graphics and Apparel, Innovative Plumbing Solutions, Red Castle Performance, and Trackside Innovations Late Model out front on lap one ahead of Holdaway and Witty as Baker and Gresel battled for fourth.

Baker would get the spot on lap five, bringing Walters and Shepherd ahead of him as Brown pulled alongside Gresel for seventh. Gresel would hold on to the spot ahead of Brown, as Travis Hallyburton and Goetz battled for ninth. The caution would then fly, though, as Terry spun in turn four. With 26 laps to go, Walt led Holdaway, Witty, Baker, Walters, Shepherd, Gresel, Brown, Travis Hallyburton, Goetz, Bourque, Latimer, Thayne Hallyburton and Zardo.

The restart would see Holdaway grab the lead ahead of Walt as Walters, Baker and Witty went three-wide for third. The battle would then turn two-wide for third between Walters and Witty, but the caution would fly for a spring rubber lying in turn one.

Holdaway would get a good restart to keep the lead ahead of Walt, Witty and Walters as Baker battled Shepherd for fifth ahead of Goetz, Brown and Travis Hallyburton. However, the caution would fly again, this time for a multi-car wreck in turn two. The wreck would involve Maltese, Bartlett, Brown and Hallyburton, beginning with contact between Brown and Hallyburton for the eighth spot. With 21 laps to go, Holdaway led Walt, Witty, Walters, Shepherd, Baker, Goetz, Zardo, Latimer, Gresel, Wylie, Thayne Hallyburton and Bourque.

Holdaway got another good restart to escape the field as Witty moved into second ahead of Walt and Walters. Shepherd and Baker would continue their battle for fifth ahead of Goetz, Latimer, Zardo, Gresel and Wylie. Baker would get the spot at lap 20, as Walters got alongside Walt for third. Walters would take the spot six laps later ahead of Walt as Shepherd moved into fifth ahead of Baker.

Baker would then back alongside Shepherd for the spot, as they went three-wide with the lap car of Terry. Shepherd would then catch Walt for the third spot, with the pair battling hard back and forth. There would be contact between the pair of drivers, resulting in Walt going for the spin in turn two and the caution. With five laps to go, Holdaway led Witty, Walters, Baker, Goetz, Latimer, Zardo, Wylie, Bourque, Gresel, Davey, Thayne Hallyburton and Morrow.

The restart would bring a battle for the lead between Holdaway and Witty, with Taylor Holdaway picking up the checkered flag and the win. Jason Witty finished second followed by Tom Walters, Dwayne Baker, Jordan Latimer, Nick Goetz, Billy Zardo, Scott Wylie, Ian Bourque, Frank Davey, Britney Gresel, Thayne Hallyburton, Gord Shepherd, Rick Walt, Travis Hallyburton, Gary Elliott, Marcus Keeler, Adam Martin, Mike Wilkinson, Andre Pepin, Al Inglis and Paul Maltese.

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