Ontario Legend Series

Dave Riopelle Scores INEX Ontario Legends Series Victory at Sunset Speedway

daveriopelleFor the second time this season, the Ontario Legends Series made their way to Sunset Speedway. On Saturday night, it’d be Dave Riopelle scoring the victory after a late-race pass for the lead.

Nick Ledson won the first heat ahead of little brother Cole Ledson, Jarret Stewart, Brandon Thurlby, Cole McFadden, Bailey Brown, Duane Cinnamon, Willy Howells and Jamie McArthur.

Kevin Foisy won the second heat ahead of Riopelle, Mike Gettliffe, Terry McClelland, Bill Mason, Miles Tyson, Rob Black and Don Arnott.

Nick Ledson went for the daily double, winning the third heat ahead of Stewart, Cole Ledson, Thurlby, McFadden, Brown, Howells, Cinnamon and McArthur.

Foisy also went for the daily double, winning the fourth heat ahead of McClelland, Mason, Riopelle, Gettliffe, Tyson, Arnott and Black.

Come feature time, Nick Ledson would start pole ahead of Kevin Foisy, Jarret Stewart, Dave Riopelle, Cole Ledson, Terry McClelland, Mike Gettliffe, Brandon Thurlby, Bill Mason, Cole McFadden, Bailey Brown, Rob Black, Miles Tyson, Willy Howells, Don Arnott and Jamie McArthur. Duane Cinnamon would head down pit road at the very start of the feature.

Nick Ledson would jump out to the early lead, but the caution would fly for Foisy trailing a bit of smoke. He would address the issue, before returning to the track at the back of the field.

On the restart, Ledson got a good restart to keep the lead ahead of Stewart and Riopelle, but the caution would fly again, followed by the red flag. McClelland would spin out coming off of turn four on to the front stretch out of the top-five in front of the second half of the field. Black would then just catch the tail of McClelland a little, which was enough to give him lift off, resulting in six rolls down the front stretch. Black would climb from the car, uninjured.

To view the series of eight-photos that showcase what happened to McClelland and Black in the incident, click here to view the photo album.

With six laps in the books, Nick Ledson led Stewart, Riopelle, Cole Ledson, Gettliffe, Tyson, Mason, McFadden, Foisy and Brown.

The restart didn’t go as Nick Ledson would’ve hoped as Jarret Stewart was able to get by and grab the lead. Ledson would fall back to second as Cole Ledson got alongside Riopelle for the third spot. Riopelle was able to keep the third spot, though, with Cole Ledson remaining in fourth ahead of Tyson, Gettliffe and Mason.

Riopelle would then make his charge to the front, getting alongside Nick Ledson for the second spot, completing the pass at the halfway mark. Cole Ledson would continue to run fourth ahead of Tyson, Foisy and Gettliffe. Foisy would then pass Tyson for the fourth spot at lap 15 as he continued his charge back towards the front.

Stewart would look to have the race in hand as Nick Ledson took a shot at passing Riopelle for second, but was unable to complete the pass as Gettliffe got alongside Tyson for fifth at lap 17. Behind them, Thurlby would run seventh ahead of Mason and McFadden. Trying to rebound after his spin, McClelland would get alongside McFadden for ninth at lap 18, as Brown held down 11th ahead of McArthur, Arnott and Howells.

As the laps ticked down, Stewart would continue to hold a consistent lead over the field as Nick Ledson took another shot passing Riopelle for second, once again unable to complete the pass. Foisy would continue to hold down fourth as Gettliffe moved up to fifth ahead of Thurlby with five laps to go.

The race wouldn’t go green to the end, as the caution would then fly three laps later for McFadden spinning on the backstretch with Brown stalled in turn three.

The restart would bring forth an intense battle for the lead as Cole Ledson, Stewart and Nick Ledson would go three-wide with Cole Ledson holding the lead off of turn two. However, the caution would then fly as Nick Ledson would make contact with Stewart, resulting in a spin for Stewart off of turn two.

The restart was all that Dave Riopelle needed as he would get by Cole Ledson for the lead and took home the victory. Kevin Foisy would finish third after his issues early in the race, followed by Brandon Thurlby, Mike Gettliffe, Terry McClelland, Miles Tyson, Jarret Stewart, Bill Mason, Nick Ledson, Jamie McArthur, Willy Howells and Don Arnott.

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