Jr Late Models

Jake Spencer-Walt Kicks off Title Defense with Sunset Speedway Hat Trick

INNISFIL, Ontario — It seems the No. 31W is as fast as he was in years prior, as evident by hat tricking to open up the 2023 season at Sunset Speedway in the Jr. Late Models.

Jake Spencer-Walt won the first heat ahead of Wyatt Sprung, Keegan Moat, Josh Davenport, Cole Kamrath, Caleb McConnel, Carter Kamrath, Morgan Moore, and Landon Struyk. Notably, Struyk went around the last lap, with Cole Kamrath spinning as he avoided him.

The second qualifier featured a quick caution on Lap 6 with Davenport going for a spin, followed by another yellow flag on the restart with Carter Kamrath looping it around. Jake Spencer-Walt went for the daily double in front of Moat, Sprung, Davenport, Cole Kamrath, McConnel, Struyk, Cole Kamrath, and Moore.

Come feature time, it’d be Jake Spencer-Walt wasting no time in getting to the front of the field, running away as the laps were added up on the scoreboard. Josh Davenport kept the impressive debut rolling, getting by Keegan Moat on Lap 11 for a second-place finish. Cole Kamrath and Wyatt Sprung battled throughout the event, with Kamrath getting ahead for fourth at the checkered.

Pos         Car#       Driver

1              31           Jake Spencer-Walt

2              30           Josh Davenport

3              52           Keegan Moat

4              51           Cole Kamrath

5              92           Wyatt Sprung

6              1              Caleb McConnel

7              5              Carter Kamrath

8              14           Landon Struyk

9              11           Morgan Moore

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