Flamboro Speedway

2023 Mini Stock Drivers to Watch – Honorable Mentions Part 2

With each season that comes up in the Ontario short tracks, there is always a list of drivers that everyone is keeping an eye on with each other division, wondering how they’re going to perform. 

When the fans and fellow competitors were asked about the Mini Stock class, there were ultimately a lot of names that came up throughout the discussions – which delivered the list that was released. However, there are several names that did not make the list, which we still want you to know about these individuals.

As always, be sure to comment with your thoughts – whether positive or negative, and enjoy getting to know these competitors a little more.

Dylan Sharpe
2022 Ranking: 17th
2021 Ranking: 12th

2023 Thoughts: Nearly 2 years coming up this summer from our last time out with the #17 A&A Discount Integra. I really see a shift in short track racing , post covid. I really hope momentum and more teams, new ones too come out to Flamboro and all the other great local tracks.
2023 Plans: Hopefully get our car out again and get it fixed up again. A bit bent and bruised right now.
2023 Goals: Get the Integra out once , but stay focused on Asphalt enduros which have always been a favourite of mine. Need redemption from the “events” of last year’s 50k shootout at Flamboro.
Five Drivers to Watch: Dale Millard, new car, new start. One of the nicest Mustangs in the province. Matt Young, super refreshed car built right with some momentum from some success from last season after years of bad luck. Shawn Taylor. Consistent and faster and faster year after year. Tyler Lewis. Car has improved and so has the driving. Always nice to drive with. Karl Sault. Fast wherever he goes, HONDA POWER!

Dylan Sharpe may have been out of the game for almost two years, but you can’t take him out of the equation. Why? If he does show up, he will be fast, as evident by his string of previous feature wins at Flamboro Speedway.

Jacob Sutcliffe
2022 Ranking: N/A

2023 Thoughts: I’m just really excited to get back into the seat and hit the track again and try and get some more seat time and try to continue to get more competitive within the division.
2023 Plans: To run Saturday nights at sunset and travel to Flamboro as well whenever we are off on Saturdays at Sunset. We’re also planning on running the mini stock special at Sauble and trying to make all 3 playoff races but we will have to see how the year treats us first.
2023 Goals: I’d like to shoot for a heat win or two. My total year goal would be to be able to run in the top 7 consistently every night.
Drivers to Watch: 1. Blaise Shaw I think he came out flying last year and was really competitive right out the gate, I think Shaw racing really has a good handle on all there cars. 2. Coleridge Phinnemore, I thought he had a really good season last year and has a good car and he can definitely wheel. 3. Shawn Taylor, I’ve always loved watching him wheel I think he’s a hell of a driver and his cars a bullet. 4. I will 190% be keeping an eye out for my younger brother Wyatt Sutcliffe, I’m looking forward to being side by side with him (not so much being on the losing side) but I think he’s got tons of potential and will pick up really quickly. 5. I think Cameron Mcglashan is gonna be back very determined this year, he’s a talented clean driver and from what I’ve seen always brings a good piece to the track.

Tyler Seaboyer
2022 Ranking: N/A

When asked for his comments, Tyler Seaboyer said, “At the moment, 2023 is a complete unknown for me, fixing or potentially building a new car is easier said then done and doesn’t happen overnight If I come back at all. As for five drivers to watch – Blaise Shaw, Nolan Gould, Cameron McGlashan, Doug Butler and Johnny Paradzinski.

Tyler Seaboyer is the same boat as Sharpe – known reputation for success has them still on the radar should their return come this summer. The driver of the No. 23 found victory lane at Sunset Speedway on multiple occasions, culminating with a division championship.

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