Delaware Speedway

2023 Late Model Drivers to Watch Part 2

With each season that comes up in the Ontario short tracks, there is always a list of drivers that everyone is keeping an eye on with each other division, wondering how they’re going to perform. The Pro Late Models are no different, as evident by the success and strength of the APC Auto Parts United Late Models of Ontario since they launched. 

There are a bunch of drivers who are capable of winning, but here are some drivers that are on the radar of people across the province.

As always, be sure to comment with your thoughts – whether positive or negative, and enjoy getting to know these competitors a little more.

18. Jo Lawrence
2022 Ranking: N/A

The past series championship in the APC Auto Parts United Late Model Series alone proves the capability of Jo Lawrence as a driver behind the wheel. However, he has been out of the seat the past couple seasons in terms to Pro Late Model competition, only running a few events filling in for Jaden Chapman and Josh Stade last season. That said, the few events he was apart of still showed he knows what it takes to get the job done – and he was your 2022 Delaware Speedway Bone Stock Champion.

17. Connor Pritiko
2022 Ranking: N/A

2023 Thoughts: 1. Entering the 2023 season looks to be one of the most competitive season coming up. Many new and old faces will be racing around Ontario this year. It’s going to be a great year that you don’t want to miss
2023 Plans: Possibly run the APC season or run full time Delaware weekly series
2023 Goals: To try and win races and improve myself as a driver and chase the 2023 Delaware Speedway championship
Drivers to Watch: Kyle Steckly is one of Canada’s brightest up and coming stars and is a major threat and every event. Chase Pinsonneault is moving his way up into the late model division and had a very good rookie season in the super stock series and will be a great driver to watch, Ray Morneau the 2022 Delaware speedway champion will be strong this year and is always fun to race with, Jake Sheridan who is fast everywhere he goes and can drive absolutely anything and JR Fitzpatrick who is just coming his 2022 APC series championship and will be carrying a lot of momentum into the season

A regular at Delaware Speedway, Connor Pritiko had speed on a weekly basis that put him in the battle for victories and top-five finishes. he placed third in the year-end standings with 10 top-five finishes in 10 races.

16. Blair Wickett
2022 Ranking: N/A

2023 Plans: We are planning to build on the success that we had late last year. We have basically thought all winter about how to keep the rear end in the car.
2023 Plans: Run full-time at Flamboro Speedway including the two APC Flamboro events and possibly a Sauble or Sunset invitational
2023 Goals: Chase a championship at Flamboro Speedway.
Drivers to Watch: Samantha Shaw of course, J.R. Fitzpatrick, Billy Zardo, and how the Burbridge brothers do in APC

If Blair Wickett could have had some better luck, there would been a lot more finishes to show for what he had in store. After all, the speed was there in the No. 97 as evident by a fourth at Sauble Speedway and some strong qualifying efforts over the course of 2022.

15. Ty Cavallin
2022 Ranking: N/A

2023 Thoughts: We are feeling better than last year. And we are more confident thanks to our experiences from last year.
2023 Plans: We plan to start our season at Flamboro in our #7 pro late model
2023 Goals: To improve our consistency. And put our selves into the top 3 for point standings.
Drivers to Watch: Mark Burbridge, Kevin Albers, Logan White, Kevin Gallant, Chris Howse

For being a rookie in one of the toughest divisions in the province, there was a lot of speed shown by Ty Cavallin as highlighted by his first career feature victory on August 6. He also added seven top-five’s and 20 top-10’s on the season to go with it.

14. Chris Howse
2022 Ranking: N/A

2023 Thoughts: Looking forward to getting back behind the wheel. Hoping to possibly improve a bit from last year; not complaining though, last year was a good year for us.
2023 Plans: To be back at Flamboro Speedway and possibly run an invitational race if it fits in our schedule.
2023 Goals: I think if we could better our average I would be happy. Finishing higher than last year would be ok to.
Drivers to Watch: Can’t say there is any certain driver I’m watching at Flamboro Speedway. On any race night there are at least half a dozen cars that are very capable of winning. Tough field!

A consistent force at Flamboro Speedway, it seemed Chris Howse turned some heads last season. The decision to put J.R. Fitzpatrick in his car as part of the Grisdale Triple Crown translated back to his own program, with three wins, 15 top-five’s, and an average finish of 4.05.

13. Shae Gemmell
2022 Ranking: 15th

Shae Gemmell has been consistently fast on the APC Auto Parts United Late Models Series, ranked sixth in points at the end of 2022 with six top-10 finishes including a victory. He is also a consistent force as part of the Grisdale Triple Crown at Flamboro Speedway, including being a past champion.

12. Kevin Albers
2022 Ranking: N/A

2023 Thoughts: I’m excited for the season to get started. Hoping the car counts boost a bit for the fans and tracks sake. Some interesting events going on this summer that we would like to make some noise in.
2023 Plans: Run Flamboro Reg points night, Gold rush, and Grisdale triple crown. Unfortunately, our limited budget won’t allow us to stray to far from home this year, but if things were to work out Id like to make a trip to Sauble or Delaware for a race or two.
2023 Goals: I don’t put much for expectations on goals in racing anymore. But I know I want to win more races, not destroy my equipment and have a bit of fun along the way.
Drivers to Watch: Kyle Steckly, Blair Wickett, Danny Benedict, Shae Gemmell, and I’d like to put myself on the list because I feel like we’re going to surprise some people this season

A regular at Flamboro Speedway, Kevin Albers has proven to have speed each season with a win, 16 top-five’s, and an average finish of 4.65 last season.

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