Flamboro Speedway

Checkers or Wreckers – Memorable Moments From the 2022 Pure / Bone Stock Season

Whether it was a checkered flag, or just a cool moment, there were several highlights that stood out for a lot of people in 2022.

First time winners are always memorable, in seeing the first signs of excitement on their faces for being able to experience success.

Flamboro Speedway got to see that several times throughout 2022, including Cameron Thomson, Alex Stewart, Eric Stewart, and Nicole Givens being able to complete the feat. Cameron Thomson got his first win on June 11, taking the lead with four to go to pace the rest of the way. It was the first of several, as he returned to victory lane six more times to go with 16 top-five’s and 26 top-10’s. Alex Stewart, meanwhile, paced the field flag-to-flag on June 18 for his first win, followed by another on July 30. Eric got his turn early in the season on May 7, while Givens was able to snag hers on July 9 virtue of pacing the field flag-to-flag.

First time success of any kind, though, can be a big deal for drivers. Brady Cox traded in his camera to jump behind the wheel for the first time, while Karlie Wilman competed in her first Frostoberfest event after becoming the last car to make it through time trials.

Peterborough Speedway knows what it’s like to see new faces be successful, just ask Tegan Stanley. Continued persistence paid off with a pair of heat wins in the second half of 2022, with three top-five’s and 10 top-10’s. Sunset Speedway got their taste, with an early season dominating performance by Jordan Owen in his rookie campaign. He backed it up with seven top-five’s and 12 top-10’s.

Peterborough also played host to another big win, as Craig Cole made a mark of his own in October. He won the Pumpkin Smasher at Delaware Speedway, and then drove three hours to start at the back of the Autumn Colours Classic B-Main and score a third to transfer to the main event. He then made his way forward through the field on Sunday, taking the runner-up spot in the final laps. He crossed the finish line second, but was awarded the win after the winner was disqualified.

While checkered flags are fun, sometimes it does not go your way – but it happens in a way you will remember forever. Wayde Thorne made his mark at Delaware Speedway, planting the No. 16 on it’s roof. Moses Ruiz took a turn of his way, after contact sent him on his roof in August. There was also Brandon Steele‘s big save after contact from Cash Ireton. 

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