Flamboro Speedway

Jake Spencer-Walt Proud of Championship, Checkered Flag Filled Campaign

Getting faster on a weekly basis, Jake Spencer-Walt became a steady front runner in Jr Late Model competition through the season at a variety of tracks. The success paid off the third-generation racer, in winning the championship at Sunset Speedway.

“My season was pretty good,” he told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “Got faster towards the end of the season; I learned a lot racing at different tracks, and from the other drivers.”

Through the season, he was able to score seven top-five finishes at Sunset Speedway, capped off by a pair of victories. He then made the trip to Flamboro Speedway in October, placing second in the first Frostoberfest feature, before picking up the checkered flag in the second round. The race-long duel for the victory with Laila Walser and Will Quarrie ultimately ranked as his favourite moment of the season.

The success was a combination of the lessons learned, with the biggest being “more car control,” as well as leaning on advice from a variety of people, including his father APC Auto Parts United Late Model Series competitor Rick Spencer-Walt.

“It’s the coolest being able to learn from my dad,” he commented. “To me he’s the best racer. He has so much experience driving different cars. He’s been teaching me how to work on my car, how to adjust my driving to various tracks. It’s pretty awesome.”

Spencer-Walt has already confirmed he will return to the division once again in 2023, with his goals set on learning more behind the wheel while winning more often. As he continues to progress behind the wheel, he will also begin practicing a super stock for the future.

“I am really excited to test the super stock,” he stated. “It will be a challenge but I’m excited to try it out.”

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