Flamboro Speedway

“They Said What?” Pure Stock Edition

Sometimes when you stick a microphone in front of a driver’s face, you have no clue what they may say and a couple of times you’ll hear something that surprises you or gives you a bit of a perspective.

Throughout the 2022 season, I had the opportunity to speak to a bunch of different competitors. During those interviews, there were some quotes that stood out. So it seems only fitting we take a glance back through the year at what was said.

Definitely be winning Frostoberfest in our first event. The battle we had with Jo Lawrence was epic and I hope to race against him again in 2022. – James Houghton

Last year’s championship Night race at Peterborough. It was my first time ever out on the track with my car and I was able to keep up at times to people who have been racing for a while. Also being able to get the car home in one piece to was a good moment haha. I just think that race built up so much confidence and fire to get back out there and improve this year. – Johnnie McIntyre

Racing for the first time at Sunset Speedway, a track I grew up around when I was a little kid. I used to sit in the grandstands playing with my hot wheels during the races wishing I was out there aha. Fast forward to 2021 after racing at other tracks during the 2020 Covid shortened season, I finally took the green flag at the track I’ve dreamed of racing at! Topping it all off I managed to place fourth in the heat & 10th in the feature, scoring my first top 10 at Sunset. – Jonathan Vey

Most memorable moment for me so far is winning back to back championships at Delaware and doing the biggest burnout I have ever done. I am also really happy with what my team has been able to do with the rental car program. We had almost 30 different drivers in our cars last season. – Kris Lawrence

I never have expectations when it comes to racing because I feel like when you do that there is a chance you set yourself up for failure. My goals are to win a feature this year and to always load the car on the trailer at the end of the night in once piece. – Kyle Novis

July 31, 2021. Lead every lap of the second feature and picked up my first win. I’ll never forget the restart that night, when Kyle Lucas and I were out front waving to each other before the green flag. To make it even more exciting, Reece Bourgeois won the first feature, which meant that two female rookies got their first wins in one night. Getting victory lane photos together was so cool and I’ll never forget that! – Megan Mitchell

Don’t really have one that comes to mind, other than beating both my brother in the Frostoberfest b-main (even if they had bad luck), but the whole season was fantastic! Getting behind the wheel is a huge step and then to see how much support I had was amazing! – Nicole Givens

I’ve had a ton of great moments throughout the years, but top one would be a tie between the night I swept heats and feature at Sunset and winning autumn colours this past year. The night at Sunset meant a lot to me because our team partners Cory and Jenny from Caldecott Millwright Services were there, being able to give their little guy the trophy and have them there to celebrate was amazing! Of course have to say Autumn Colours, as I’ve chased that trophy for 6 years in this car, and had a lot of emotional weight I was carrying from losing my grandmother that week. It was nice to finally get the maple leaf trophy! – Phil Givens

After some rough features, emotions were all over the place (championship night in 2021 at Flamboro Speedway). The moment Doug told me I won Rookie of the year and second overall in points it hit me that all my hard work, going trying new tracks and taking advise from those veteran drivers to better my on track racing finally paid off. – Reece Bourgeois

There are a lot of good drivers out there in bone stocks so this is a tricky one. Someone to definitely keep an eye on is Megan Mitchell; not only has she overcome so much, but she won a feature race her rookie year. Teegan Stanley is another one; out of us rookies last year, he definitely exceeded all expectations as well as earning Rookie of the Year. His growth was exponential. Brad Lavalle has tons of experience on the track and he knows his way around as well. Kyle Johnson is up there on my list too as he was great competition for me, as we both grew our skills. He was almost always right there in front of me or in my rearview mirror. Lastly, Christen Lavalle is a great driver and he has such potential to do even greater this year. – Victoria McLennon

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