Flamboro Speedway

BY THE NUMBERS: 2022 Flamboro Speedway Late Model Season

MILLGROVE, Ontario — Although it was Rick Burbridge being crowned the champion, there were a lot of other drivers who added some numbers of their own to the year.

1 is the best average finish, set by Fitzpatrick with a win in each appearance

2.5 is the second-best average finish, set by Josh Stade, across two features

3rd of September saw rookie Logan White score his first career feature victory

3 is the third-best average finish, set by Shawn Chenoweth, across seven features

3.24 is the best average finish of drivers to run all the races, set by Mark Burbridge

3.5 is the fifth-best average finish, set by Connor Pritiko, across two features

5 feature wins for Mark Burbridge and J.R. Fitzpatrick led all drivers

7 of Ty Cavallin scored a feature win during his rookie campaign

8 different drivers won a feature

11 drivers had an average finish of fifth or better

12 or more top-five’s were scored by Mark Burbridge, Kevin Albers, Chris Howse, and Rick Burbridge

17 drivers scored a top-five finish

18 or more top-10’s were scored by Mark Burbridge, Kevin Gallant, Cavallin, Albers, Trevor Thompson, and Howse

19 top-five’s for Mark Burbridge led all drivers

21 top-10’s for Mark Burbridge and Gallant led all drivers

23 drivers had an average finish of 10th or better

24 drivers scored a top-10 finish

25 of June saw Albers visit victory lane

27 different drivers ran at least one feature race

34 points separated Mark Burbridge and Albers at the top of the standings

55 of Howse won three features

86 of Billy Schwartzenburg won a feature

89 of Chenoweth won four features

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By: Ashley McCubbin

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