Flamboro Speedway

BY THE NUMBERS: Super Stocks at Flamboro Speedway

Although it seemed the story at Flamboro Speedway for the Super Stocks circled around a single driver, there were a lot of others who joined in the game of adding up some numbers.

is the best average finish, set by Shawn Chenoweth, in sweeping the lone night he was in attendance

2.18182 is the best average finish of drivers to run all 22 features, set by Lane Zardo

2.75 is the third-best average finish, set by Brad Collison, across four features

2.90909 is the second-best average finish of drivers to run all 22 features, set by Roy Wilkie

3rd is the third-best average finish of drivers to run all 22 features, set by Chase Pinsonneault

feature wins for Wilkie

10 feature wins for Zardo led all drivers

11 or more top-five’s were scored by Pinsonneault, Zardo, Wilkie, Justin Collison, and Randy Rusnell

12 drivers had an average finish of fifth or better

13 of Collison won a feature in July

14 top-10 finishes for Rusnell

18 top-10 finishes for Collison

19 different drivers ran at least one race

21 top-five’s for Pinsonneault led all drivers

22 of Pinsonneault won four features

22 top-10’s for Zardo, Wilkie and Pinsonneault gave them perfect seasons

72 of Rusnell won a feature in May

89c of Chenoweth won two features

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