Bone Stocks

Steele, Cutting, and Reesor Three-Way Tie for Bone Stock Top Fall Velocity Qualifier

INNISFIL, Ontario — With a full field of cars on the property, it was thrilling action from the first lap to the last in Fall Velocity qualifying for the Bone Stocks at Sunset Speedway.

Brandon Steele won the first heat in front of Jay Cutting, Tyler Ecker, Kris Khan, Nicole Givens, Kyle Neumeister, Michael Robinson III, Austyn Jennett, Alex Stewart, Karlie Wilman, Steve Oakes, and Nicholas Reece.

Aundrea Lusk was victorious in the second qualifier ahead of Calvin Reesor, Phil Givens, Jacob Booth, Jennifer Hatch, Doug Wilman, Eric Stewart, Rick Van Kleef, Brandon Burnett, Josh Watson, and Michael Robinson Jr.

The third heat was a little messy, beginning with Robinson III spinning on Lap 5, followed by Jennett turning Courture on the restart following a block going into turn one. Karlie Wilman then went around on Lap 7, but was able to get going with a caution. Jay Cutting picked up the checkered flag in front of Steele, Neumeister, Nicole Givens, Khan, Robinson III, Ecker, Alex Stewart, and Reece.

Jacob Booth was victorious in the fourth qualifier ahead of Reesor, Phil Givens, Lusk, Eric Stewart, Doug Wilman, Van Kleef, Burnett, Hatch, Robinson Jr., and the 83.

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