Ontario Legend Series

Parker Traves Scores Canadian Legends National Victory at Sunset Speedway

INNISFIL, Ontario — Putting together a pair of impressive features would give Parker Traves the best average finish on the weekend, with him winning the Canadian Legend Car Nationals at Sunset Speedway.

Parker Traves won the first heat on Saturday in front of Adam Cuthbertson, Hudson Nagy, Josh Indig, Kenny McNicol, Nick Portt, Steve Gargau, Zach Latimer, Glenn Morris, and Matt Boyes.

Wesley Cuthbertson was victorious in the second qualifier ahead of Joe Adams, Dawson Drimmie, Nick Ledson, Josh Inglis, Jordan Latimer, Paul Perik, Glenn Morris, Jaden Chapman, and Jeff McKibbon.

The heat started off with Boyes pulling off, as Parker Traves went for the daily double in front of Adam Cuthbertson, Portt, Nagy, Indig, McNicol, Gargau, Zach Latimer, and Morris.

Jordan Latimer was victorious in the fourth qualifier ahead of Ledson, Adams, Wesley Cuthbertson, Perik, Inglis, Morris, McKibbon, and Drimmie.

Come feature time, Jordan Latimer started pole in front of Nick Ledson, Joe Adams, Wesley Cuthbertson, Adam Cuthbertson, Parker Traves, Hudson Nagy, Nick Portt, Josh Indig, Dawson Drimmie, Josh Inglis, Kenny McNicol, Paul Perik, Steve Gargau, Zach Latimer, Jaden Chapman, Glenn Morris, Jeff McKibbon, Matt Boyes, and Glenn Lloyd.

The drop of the green saw a battle for the lead between Jordan Latimer and Nick Ledson, with Latimer snagging the top spot on Lap 3 as Adams battled Ledson for second, with Wesley Cuthbertson and Traves side-by-side for fourth in front of Adam Cuthbertson, Nagy, and Indig, as Lloyd made his way down pit road. Adams took over second on Lap 6, with Wesley looking to follow him through, as Adam took his chance at Traves. Wesley moved into third on Lap 8, with Adam Cuthbertson following him through a lap later, as Ledson ran fifth in front of Nagy.

Joe Adams was not done yet, getting alongside Latimer for the top spot on Lap 10, taking over the lead a lap later. Adam Cuthbertson would then get by Wesley Cuthbertson for third on Lap 12, as Traves rounded out the top-five. Adam got alongside Latimer for second a lap later, taking over the runner-up spot on Lap 15, as he brought Traves through with him.

With 16 laps on the board, Adams continued to lead ahead of Adam Cuthbertson, Traves, Latimer, Nagy, Ledson, Wesley Cuthbertson, Indig, and Drimmie. Nagy would then get by Latimer on Lap 19 for fourth, with Ledson looking to follow him through, as Drimmie took over eighth in front of Indig and McNicol.

Adam Cuthbertson would make his bid for the top spot on Lap 22, battling alongside Adams for the lead as they went around lap traffic. Parker Traves took advantage, passing them both for the lead, but the caution came out for Wesley Cuthbertson going around in turn two. With seven laps to go, Adam Cuthbertson led Adams, Traves, Nagy, Ledson, Latimer, Drimmie, Indig, Portt, McNicol, Gargau, Perik, Zach Latimer, and Wesley Cuthbertson.

The restart saw a three-wide battle for the lead between Joe Adams, Adam Cuthbertson and Parker Traves, with Traves taking over the lead, as Cuthbertson moving into second a couple laps later. Parker Traves led the rest of the way en route to victory in front of Adam Cuthbertson, Joe Adams, Hudson Nagy, Nick Ledson, Dawson Drimmie, and Jordan Latimer.

Come the second day on Sunday, Parker Traves picked up the win in the first heat in front of Hudson Nagy, Nick Ledson, Nick Portt, Josh Indig, Steve Gargau, Paul Perik, Glenn Morris, and Jaden Chapman, as Wesley Cuthbertson broke.

Adam Cuthbertson won the second qualifier ahead of Joe Adams, Josh Inglis, Jordan Latimer, Dawson Drimmie, Kenny McNicol, Zach Latimer, Matt Boyes, Glenn Lloyd, and Jeff McKibbon.

Wesley Cuthbertson was victorious in the third heat in front of Perik, Traves, Nagy, Ledson, Indig, Gargau, Portt, and Morris.

Dawson Drimmie won the fourth qualifier ahead of Adams, Jordan Latimer, Adam Cuthbertson, Inglis, Zach Latimer, McNicol, Lloyd, Boyes, and McKibbon.

Come feature time, Hudson Nagy led the field to green in front of Dawson Drimmie, Adam Cuthbertson, Joe Adams, Parker Traves, Jordan Latimer, Josh Inglis, Nick Ledson, Paul Perik, Wesley Cuthbertson, Josh Indig, Zach Latimer, Steve Gargau, Kenny McNicol, Glenn Morris, Matt Boyes, and Glenn Morris.

Hudson Nagy grabbed the early lead in front of Adam Cuthbertson, with Drimmie and Traves side-by-side for third. Traves snagged the third spot on Lap 2 in front of Drimmie, Adams, Jordan Latimer, and Ledson, as Inglis and Wesley Cuthbertson side-by-side for eighth.

There’d be a change at the front of the field, with Adam Cuthbertson taking over the lead on Lap 4 in front of Traves and Nagy. It’d become even more interesting a lap later, with the trio going three-wide, with Nagy coming out on top. The battle was slowed for a caution at Lap 6 for Boyes going for a spin. With 25 laps to go, Nagy led Adam Cuthbertson, Traves, Drimmie, Adams, Latimer, Ledson, Inglis, Indig, Wesley Cuthbertson, Perik, Portt, Morris, McNicol, and Gargau.

The restart would see a battle for the lead between Hudson Nagy and Parker Traves ahead of Adam Cuthbertson and Adams, as Ledson and Drimmie ran side-by-side for fifth. Nagy retook the top spot on Lap 9 ahead of Traves, Cuthbertson, Adams, and Wesley Cuthbertson. The yellow flag returned a lap later, though, for Ledson going around following contact with Latimer. With 21 laps to go, Nagy led Traves, Adam Cuthbertson, Adams, Wesley Cuthbertson, Drimmie, Indig, Inglis, Zach Latimer, Perik, Portt, McNicol, and Gargau.

The battle for the lead between Nagy and Traves continued following the restart with Adam Cuthbertson running third in front of Wesley Cuthbertson, Indig, and Drimmie. Parker Traves took over the top spot on Lap 13 in front of Adam Cuthbertson and Nagy, with Wesley Cuthbertson and Adams side-by-side for fourth, as Indig and Drimmie battled for sixth. Adams got the spot on Lap 15, with Drimmie following him through as Wesley Cuthbertson ran sixth in front of Indig, McNicol, Perik, and Zach Latimer. The third caution then came out, though, on Lap 18 for Latimer going around in turn two.

The restart brought forth another opportunity for Nagy and Traves to battle each other, including a couple crossovers back and forth. Parker Traves came out on top on Lap 20 in front of Nagy, as Adam Cuthbertson and Adams ran side-by-side for third. Adam Curthbertson took third a lap later in front of Adams, Drimmie and Wesley Cuthbertson, with Indig and Ledson side-by-side. Ledson took over seventh on Lap 23 in front of Indig and Inglis.

With 24 laps on the board, Traves continued to lead in front of Nagy, Adam Cuthbertson, Adams, Drimmie, and Wesley Cuthbertson. A battle for second would break out, but the yellow flag waved for a fourth time for Gargau and Zach Latimer going around off of turn four.

Parker Traves got a good restart, leading the field the rest of the way en route to winning in front of Hudson Nagy, Adam Cuthbertson, Joe Adams, Nick Ledson, Wesley Cuthbertson, and Dawson Drimmie.

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