Bone Stocks

Calvin Reesor Scores Bone Stock Feature Victory at Sunset Speedway

INNISFIL, Ontario — Battling three-wide at times for position, Calvin Reesor held off a couple late-race challenges over a couple restarts en route to scoring the feature victory at Sunset Speedway.

Phil Givens won the first heat in front of Brandon Steele, Andrew Shilling, Aundrea Lusk, Calvin Reesor, Eric Stewart, Cole Walker, Curtis Stewart, and Steve Oakes.

Jacob Booth was victorious in the second qualifier ahead of Cash Ireton, Nicholas Reece, Josh Berry, Matt Christina, Tyler Ecker, Karlie Wilman, and Brandon Burnett.

Brandon Steele won the third heat in front of Lusk, Reesor, Givens, Eric Stewart, Shilling, Walker, Curtis Stewart, and Oakes.

Jacob Booth went for the daily double ahead of Steele, Ireton, Reece, Berry, Ecker, Christina, Wilman, and Burnett.

Come feature time, Nicholas Reece started pole in front of Tyler Ecker, Andrew Shilling, Jordan Owen, Cash Ireton, Calvin Reesor, Brandon Steele, Aundrea Lusk, Jacob Booth, Matt Christina, Curtis Stewart, Steve Oakes, Phil Givens, Eric Stewart, Josh Berry, Karlie Wilman, Austyn Jennett, and Brandon Burnett.

The feature started off with a caution on Lap 1 for Jennett suffering a flat tire, which ultimately ended his race due to suspension damage sustained in the process.

The complete restart would see Shilling battle Reece for the lead, with Andrew Shilling taking the top spot on Lap 2 in front of Owen and Reesor. Reesor would get alongside Owen for second on Lap 3, but the yellow flag was waved for debris. With 17 laps to go, Shilling led Owen, Reesor, Booth, Steele, Ecker, Givens, Reece, Lusk, Ireton, Curtis Stewart, Eric Stewart, Christina, Berry, Oakes, and Burnett.

The restart saw Owen and Reesor take Shilling three-wide for the lead, with Owen catching the outside frontstretch wall. It’d create more problems for him, as he’d slow in turn two to draw the caution for a third time on Lap 6.

Calvin Reesor got a good restart to take over the top spot, with Steele slotting into second on Lap 10. Booth followed him through a lap later for third, with Givens next in line to challenge. At the front, Steele got alongside Reesor for the top spot, but the yellow flag waved for a fourth time due to Wilman going around in turns three and four on Lap 14.

Reesor got another good restart, with Steele slotting into second in front of Booth, Givens and Lusk, as Shilling battled Ireton for sixth. Eric Stewart had worked his way up to eighth in front of Reece, Ecker, Curtis Stewart, Christina, Wilman, and Oakes. Shilling would hold off the challenge, able to retain the position.

Calvin Reesor led the rest of the way en route to victory in front of Brandon Steele, Jacob Booth, Phil Givens, and Aundrea Lusk.

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