Bone Stocks

Brandon Steele Sways Good Karma to Victory Lane at Sunset Speedway

INNISFIL, Ontario — After being one of the biggest helping hands in the pits on Sunday afternoon at Sunset Speedway in fixing a bunch of his competitors cars, Brandon Steele put together an impressive performance en route to winning the Bone Stock feature.

Andrew Shilling won the first heat ahead of Brandon Steele, Jordan Owen, Jack Bird, Calvin Reesor, Austyn Jennett, and Kyle Neumeister.

The second qualifier included a quick yellow flag for Cash Ireton stopping in turn one on Lap 4. Jacob Booth picked up the win in front of Aundrea Lusk, Josh Berry, Cole Walker, Josh Watson, and Karlie Wilman.

There’d be a caution for debris on the first lap of the third heat, with Neumeister heading pit side. Brandon Steele was victorious ahead of Reesor, Bird, Jennett, Shilling, Owen, and Nicholas Reece.

Jacob Booth went for the daily double in front of Ireton, Lusk, Berry, Watson, and Walker, as Wilman ran into a mechanical problem.

Come feature time, Cole Walker started pole in front of Jordan Owen, Nicholas Reece, Andrew Shilling, Calvin Reesor, Aundrea Lusk, Brandon Steele, Cash Ireton, Jacob Booth, Jack Bird, Josh Watson, Josh Berry, Kyle Neumeister, Austyn Jennett, and Karlie Wilman.

Jordan Owen grabbed the early lead in front of Shilling, Lusk, Reesor, Steele, and Booth. Lusk took over second on Lap 2, bringing Reesor, Steele, and Booth through with her, to bump Shilling back to sixth in front of Walker. Steele challenged Reesor for third on Lap 5, but the caution came out for Wilman stalling on the backstretch. With 16 laps to go, Owen led Lusk, Reesor, Steele, Booth, Shilling, Walker, Bird, Berry, Reece, Neumeister, Ireton, Jennett, and Watson.

The restart saw Reesor, Owen and Steele go three-wide, with Brandon Steele getting the spot, as he gave Lusk a bump for the lead on the sixth lap. He took over the lead a lap later in front of Lusk, as Reesor and Booth battled for third. Shilling ran fifth ahead of Owen, with Walker and Bird side-by-side for seventh. Further back in the field, there was hard racing as well, as Reece and Bird made contact off of turn four.

As Steele continued to lead, Booth and Lusk made contact in their battle for second on Lap 10, with Booth getting the spot a lap later, as Reesor looked to follow him through. As they battled for third, Reesor and Lusk split the lap car of Wilman, with Reesor taking third on Lap 15 in front of Lusk, as Shilling battled Owen for fifth. Shilling attempted to make his move on Lusk, only to have a block thrown on him.

Lusk was able to maintain the fourth spot in front of Shilling, Owen, Neumeister, Bird, and Walker. Owen would give Shilling a bump for fifth on Lap 18, as the caution waved for Berry going around in turns one and two. With three laps to go, Steele led Booth, Reesor, Lusk, Shilling, Owen, Neumeister, Bird, Walker, Jennett, Ireton, Reece, Watson, and Wilman.

Brandon Steele got a good restart to take the victory in front of Jacob Booth, Aundrea Lusk, Calvin Reesor, and Kyle Neumeister. Jordan Owen finished sixth ahead of Andrew Shilling, Jack Bird, Austyn Jennett, and Cash Ireton. Cole Walker, Nicholas Reece, Josh Watson, and Karlie Wilman rounded out the field.

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