Flamboro Speedway

Norris and Rutherford Split Ontario Pro Challenge Series Features at Flamboro Speedway

MILLGROVE, Ontario — Although Mike Norris was able to win the first Ontario Pro Challenge Series feature on Saturday night at Flamboro Speedway, it’d be Rodney Rutherford breaking the Norris stranglehold on the class by winning the second 25-lap affair.

Emma Norris led the opening lap ahead of Peter Hattin, as Mike Norris and Ethan Fleet battled for third. Peter Hattin snagged the top spot on Lap 2, with Mike passing his sister Emma for second a lap later, as Travis Majuery ran fourth. Mike was not done yet, getting alongside Hattin for the lead, taking over the top spot on Lap 8. Hattin now ran second in front of Tim Norris and Rodney Rutherford, as Majuery battled Emma for fifth. Majuery got the spot on Lap 11, with Tim getting by Hattin for second a couple laps later.

Mike Norris led the rest of the way en route to winning ahead of Tim Norris, Peter Hattin, Rodney Rutherford, and Travis Majuery. Nolan Quinton passed Emma Norris for sixth with three laps to go, followed by Ethan Fleet, Mike O’Connell, and Jae Pepin.

Travis Majuery took the early advantage on the opening lap in front of Mike O’Connell, Peter Hattin and Mike Norris, with Nolan Quinton and Emma Norris side-by-side for fifth. Norris took over third on Lap 3, with Rodney Rutherford alongside Quinton now for fifth. Norris continued moving forward, moving into second ahead of O’Connell, Hattin and Rutherford, with Tim Norris now side-by-side with Quinton.

With seven laps on the board, Majuery in front of Mike Norris, O’Connell, Hattin, Rutherford, Tim Norris, Quinton, Norris, and Ethan Fleet. Rutherford would get alongside Hattin for fourth, but the caution came out on Lap 10 for O’Connell going around.

Majuery got a good restart, as Rutherford tagged Mike Norris down the backstretch in their battle for second. This would allow Norris to grab second in front of Rutherford, Hattin, Tim Norris, and Quinton. Mike Norris would get alongside Majuery for the lead, but the yellow flag returned on Lap 14 for Hattin going around in turn two.

The restart saw Majuery and Mike Norris side-by-side for second, as Rutherford battled Tim Norris for third. Rutherford got the spot, as Quinton rounded out the top-five. Mike Norris got the top spot on Lap 17, with Rutherford following him through three laps later. Majuery now ran third in front of Tim Norris, Quinton, Emma Norris, and Hattin. Majuery got loose on Lap 22, allowing both Tim Norris and Quinton to get by. Majuery’s trouble got worse, as he’d go around in turns three and four a lap later, collecting Emma Norris with him.

Rodney Rutherford grabbed the top spot on the restart, pacing the final two laps in front of Mike Norris, Tim Norris, Peter Hattin, and Nolan Quinton. Mike O’Connell placed sixth, followed by Ethan Fleet, Travis Majuery, Emma Norris, and Jae Pepin.

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