Race Reports

Dale Shaw Scores Sunset Speedway Late Model Victory

INNISFIL, Ontario — Making the move early in the feature, Dale Shaw led the rest of the way en route to winning the Pro Late Model feature on Saturday night at Sunset Speedway.

The evening started off with time trials, with Dwayne Baker laying down the quickest lap at 14.329 seconds ahead of Dale Shaw (14.374), Travis Hallyburton (14.414), Jo Lawrence (14.551), and Danny Benedict (14.629). Todd Delisle was sixth, followed by Keith Temple, Coltin Everingham, and Samantha Shaw.

Though following the invert once the field took the green flag, it’d be Benedict and Lawrence leading the field to the green flag. Lawrence grabbed the advantage on Lap 4, with Dale Shaw alongside Benedict for second in front of Hallyburton, Baker, and Delisle. Shaw took over second on Lap 6, as Everingham ran seventh.

Shaw continued his climb forward, taking over the top spot with just eight laps on the board, as Samantha Shaw and Temple rounding out the top-nine. Hallyburton then got alongside Benedict for third on Lap 13, with Baker taking the pair three-wide a lap later for the spot. Baker’s move proved successful, as he took over third in front of Hallyburton, Benedict, Everingham, and Delisle. Delisle would then challenge Everingham for sixth on Lap 16, though was unable to complete the pass, instead Samahtha Shaw getting by Delisle on Lap 27.

Dale Shaw would lead the rest of the way in the 50-lap feature to score the victory, while Dwayne Baker got by Travis Hallyburton with just a couple laps to go for second, as Travis Hallyburton and Danny Benedict rounded out the top-five.

Pos         Car#       Driver

  1. 82 Dale Shaw
  2. 48X Dwayne Baker
  3. 17 Josh Stade
  4. 39 Travis Hallyburton
  5. 54 Danny Benedict
  6. 48 Coltin Everingham
  7. 83 Samantha Shaw
  8. 22 Todd Delisle
  9. 14 Keith Temple

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