Bone Stocks

Andrew Shilling Leads Flag-to-Flag En Route to Bone Stock Victory

INNISFIL, Ontario — After fighting mechanical issues, everything came together for Andrew Shilling on Saturday night as he led flag-to-flag at Sunset Speedway en route to the victory.

The night did not start off cleanly, with Nicolas Reece and John Bird getting together on the frontstretch during the first heat. The caution then came out again on Lap 7 for Justin Steele stalling on the frontstretch, followed by another yellow flag on the restart for Reece spinning Cash Ireton. The second attempt was no better, courtesy of Matt Christina spinning Ireton. Jacob Booth picked up the checkered flag in front of Brandon Steele, Reece, Bird, Ireton, and Christina.

Aundrea Lusk won the second qualifier ahead of Calvin Reesor, Jordan Owen, Kris Khan, Andrew Shilling, Austyn Jennett, Michael Robinson III, and Steve Oakes.

Jacob Booth went for the daily double in front of Brandon Steele, Bird, Reece, and Christina, as Justin Steele pulled off with issues.

The fourth qualified had a quick yellow flag for Reesor spinning Lusk in turns one and two. It would be followed by an incident involving Robinson III and Lusk, seeing the race called a couple laps later. Kris Khan picked up the checkered flag ahead of Owen, Shilling, Jennett, Oakes, Robinson III, and Lusk.

Come feature time, Nicholas Reece started pole in front of Andrew Shilling, John Bird, Aundrea Lusk, Jordan Owen, Jacob Booth, Matt Christina, Calvin Reesor, Brandon Steele, Kris Khan, Cash Ireton, Austyn Jennett, Steve Oakes, and Justin Steele.

The initial saw a quick caution flag, with Bird spinning Reece around.

The second attempt was clean and green, with Andrew Shilling grabbing the top spot. The field then strung out, allowing Shilling to cruise en route to his first career victory. Jacob Booth finished second, followed by Jordan Owen, Calvin Reesor, and Brandon Steele.

Pos         Car#       Driver

  1. 29 Andrew Shilling
  2. 26 Jacob Booth
  3. 68 Jordan Owen
  4. 2 Calvin Reesor
  5. 55 Brandon Steele
  6. 48 Kris Khan
  7. 17 Aundrea Lusk
  8. 9 Austyn Jennett
  9. 54 Cash Ireton
  10. 88x Justin Steele
  11. 53 Steve Oakes
  12. 13 Nicholas Reece
  13. 92 Matt Cristina
  14. 25 Jack Bird

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