Delaware Speedway

Andrew Ferreira Utilizes Bump-and-Run En Route to Delaware Victory

LONDON, Ontario — Battling for the top spot in the late stages of the feature, Andrew Ferreira utilized a bump-and-run on Trevor Collver on the final lap to score the victory in the Qwick Wick Super Stock feature on Friday at Delaware Speedway.

Off the pole position, Ryan Dyson broke out to the early advantage in front of Trevor Collver, with Nic Ramsay and Rick Verberne side-by-side for third, as Lane Zardo and Jay Doerr battled for fifth in front of Andrew Ferreira. Verberne took over third on Lap 7 ahead of Ramsay and Zardo, with Zardo taking Verberne and Ramsay three-wide a lap later. Verberne held off the challenge, leaving Ramsay and Zardo to battle for fourth.

Behind them, Doerr ran sixth, as Ferreira battled Jake Sheridan for seventh in front of Chase Pinsonneault and Shawn Chenoweth. Ferreira got the spot on Lap 13, with Zardo taking over fourth a lap later. Doerr moved into fifth a lap later, bringing Ferreira, Sheridan, Pinsonneault and Shawn Chenoweth through with him, as Carson Nagy battled Ramsay for 10th.

Doerr would then challenge Zardo for fifth on Lap 18, but everybody’s eyes focused to the front of the field. Trevor Collver would get alongside Dyson for the top spot on Lap 20, taking the lead a lap later as Verberne looked to follow him through. Doerr moved up into fourth in front of Ferreira, Sheridan, Zardo, Pinsonneault, Chenoweth, and Nagy. The race’s first caution then came out a couple laps later on Lap 27.

Collver would get a good restart to maintain the advantage as Verberne and Dyson battled for second, with Verberne getting the spot in front of Dyson. Ferreira moved into fourth on Lap 29, as Zardo and Doerr battled for fifth in front of Nagy, Sheridan, and Pinsonneault. Zardo got the spot on Lap 33, with Nagy getting alongside Sheridan for seventh. Behind them, Chenoweth got alongside Pinsoneault for ninth in front of Nic Troback, Gerrit Tiemersma, Lonny Thompson, and Roy Wilkie.

Nagy’s challenge for seventh would prove unsuccessful as he fell back in line in front of Pinnsoneault, Chenoweth, Arnott, Tiemersma, Thompson, Wilkie, Justin Collison, and Chad Corcoran. Corcoran would then get by Collison for 15th with 39 laps on the board, with the caution flying three laps later for Pete Vanderwyst having a flat tire.

The restart resulted in chaos, with Doerr getting turned across the frontstretch, collecting several cars in the process including Jason Parker, Cocoran, Collison, Doug Stewart, Nagy, and Thompson. The following restart was not much better, with a yellow flag two laps later involving Corcoran, Wilkie, and Connor Van Steensel. Under the caution, Zardo headed down pit road with a flat tire.

Collver got a good restart to maintain the advantage with Ferreira right on his bumper, as Dyson got challenged for third by Verberne.

Going through the final corners on the last lap, Andrew Ferreira would give Trevor Collver a small bump, causing the No. 1 to go up the track and open up the bottom line. He would then clear, grabbing the lead and victory. Trevor Collver finished second, followed by Ryan Dyson, Chase Pinsonneault, and Rick Verberne.


Finish Car # Driver Name
1 9 Andrew Ferreira
2 1 Trevor Collver
3 28 Ryan Dyson
4 22 Chase Pinsonneault
5 88 Rick Verborne
6 89C Shawn Chenoweth
7 73 Nick Troback
8 7 Pete Vanderwyst
9 17 Gerrit Tiemersma
10 93 Carson Nagy
11 45 Ryan Bright
12 72 Randy Rusnell
13 36 Lane Zardo
14 8 Jason Parker
15 33 Roy Wilkie
16 71 Cory McAllister
17 07 Nic Ramsay
18 12 Ryden Lapcevich
19 13c Justin Collison
20 43 Jay Doerr
21 77s Jake Sheriden
22 4 Lonny Thompson
23 31 Chad Corcoran
24 2 Doug Stewart
25 71X Connor Van Steensel
26 17R David Rockwood


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