Delaware Speedway

Keeping an Eye On…… Super Stocks

Each week, this will be the column that takes a look at a division’s past weekend of racing, combined with the week ahead to highlight what should be on the minds of all race fans.

Peterborough Controversy

If the winner had been crowned before the late-race yellow flag in the Qwick Wick Super Stock race at Peterborough Speedway, Shawn Chenoweth would be celebrating a return to victory lane. Instead, a caution was thrown followed a restart and switch the celebration to Jason Parker instead.

There are many people who have probably spent the past three days reviewing the video footage repeatedly, trying to figure out what happened. Ultimately, it may come down to the series screwing up because if the leader is at the finish line on the last lap, that should mean end of the event – or are we wrong? It will certainly be a discussion to be had in the weeks forward, and probably part of the subjects during the Delaware Speedway driver’s meeting next week.

Regardless, it is nice to see the speed out of Chenoweth and the hard work of the new build paying off. Combined with late-season success in 2021, it would seem the return of the No. 89c in victory lane is just a matter of not if, but when it will happen now.

But Parker!

Even if the race did not go down as it was supposed, you cannot take anything away from Jason Parker’s performance. He ran up front throughout the event, putting himself in position to take advantage when the yellow flag waved.

The success is no surprise given his past championships at Sauble Speedway, and marks a nice turn around a 12th to start the tour at Flamboro Speedway. Ultimately, he was not a big threat last year, ranked seventh in the standings with just a single top-five performance. Could this be the year we see the New Age Punisher back to his traditional ways?

The Week Ahead

With three (Delaware Speedway, Flamboro Speedway, Peterborough Speedway) hosting the Super Stocks this weekend, and then the Qwick Wick Super Stock Tour back in action on Canada Day weekend at Delaware, it’s a busy time for these drivers as they plan their races they want to run.

The home-track favorites for this weekend are no surprise to anybody who has been following the division across the province.

Pete Vanderwyst and Jay Doerr each have picked up a checkered flag at Delaware Speedway coming into this weekend, surprising nobody in knowing the experience both have behind the wheel. It also currently puts Vanderwyst at the top of the standings, just 2 markers ahead of Ryan Dyson. A third winner could easily be crowned as youth seems to be full of talent including the aforementioned Dyson as well as past track champion Trevor Collver and Nic Ramsay. Each of these competitors run regularly with Qwick Wick Super Stock Tour and up front, and we know that’s no easy task.

Lane Zardo has shown the way at Flamboro Speedway – no surprise given being last year’s Qwick Wick Super Stock Tour Champion and his lengthy experience at the oval. A 17-point advantage has everybody looking at the No. 36, but you cannot forget the fact he hasn’t won every single feature, and the depth of talent they have. Roy Wilkie has been a constant podium fixture, and we know the past success experienced by both Randy Rusnell and Justin Collison there.

Mark Gordon won the season opener at Peterborough Speedway, surprising nobody given the recent past seasons and his success. However, he should not go the year without a challenge as Brandon Feeney and Paul Boundy each continue to gain speed, and Marlie Owen was able to capture a checkered flag of her own in 2021.


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