Flamboro Speedway

Keeping an Eye On…… Super Stocks

Each week, this will be the column that takes a look at a division’s past weekend of racing, combined with the week ahead to highlight what should be on the minds of all race fans.

A single race is in the books for the Qwick Wick Super Stock Series, and it has not changed the perspective on the division to date. Lane Zardo repeated another performance that we had grown used to last season, hence his pre-season ranking at the top of the board. Pacing the field for the majority of the feature, it is clear he has the right stuff when it comes to making it work.

That said, he wasn’t able to cruise away from the field like he was able to do so last year, with Gerrit Tiemersma remaining on his bumper through out the event and even tagging him on a couple occasions. The No. 17 became the biggest threat last season, even beating Zardo once so seeing this is not the biggest surprise.

The remainder of the top-five did not surprise, either, as it was completed by Roy Wilkie, Pete Vanderwyst, and Carson Nagy. Wilkie has been strong at Flamboro all season with a trip to victory lane, Vanderwyst is a veteran of the sport, and Nagy is a track champion. Anything else needed to be said?

The only surprise if you want to reference Zardo has been not seeing him visit victory lane at Sunset Speedway. He has taken part in a couple weekly events at the facility this year, coming up short to Johnny Morrison and Brandon Passer. Of course, he was battling for the lead at the first of those but found himself facing the wrong way following contact after an incident with Tiemersma and Dan Archibald.

Passer is showcasing why he won the championship last season, with three wins out of the four races thus far. Although he won Spring Velocity by surviving the chaos ahead of him between Paul Pepper and Archibald, it was domination that led him to success a week later.

Archibald is probably the fastest driver to not win a race this year, but has found himself in the midst of the drama to stop him from doing so while running up front. That said, he has three runner-ups in those four races still as he has fought back from various adversity.

Cory McAllister is another competitor whom should be visiting victory lane soon, as evident by top-five’s throughout and continuing to find speed with a heat win on May 28.

Whose the next driver to watch at Flamboro Speedway? Justin Collison has shown speed, and won four races last season en route to a runner-up in points. Chase Pinsonneault seems to be finding more speed with each passing week, as evident by a runner-up on May 28.

Peterborough Speedway’s season opening event for the Super Stocks saw no surprises, with Mark Gordon showing the way as everyone has grown used to over past years. It will be interesting to see whether his strangle hold remains through the year, as he has a steady base of challengers in Bailey Jacobs, Paul Boundy, Brandon Feeney, and Marlie Owen. 

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