Sean Walker Hopeful For Fun, Competitive Season Of Hot Rod Racing

Sean Walker did not start off his 2021 season in a traditional way, with the motor expiring at the first event of the year. The back-up plan was put in-place immediately, with him bringing out the station wagon.

The new build proved to be challenging racing against his competition, but Walker was able to have success with a pair of top-10 feature finishes.

Now heading into the 2022 campaign, he is hopeful of stringing together “some better finishes,” while keeping busy at Walker Motorsports. He hopes to bring out the team’s fresh 1969 Chevrolet Camaro and challenge the front runners, while having a friend of his behind the wheel of the familiar 1955 Chevrolet throughout the year.

While Peterborough Speedway will sweet to run twice being his home track, he admits being excited about getting back to Brighton Speedway “to get some more slide time on the track” after having a blast last season.

Being able to keep fun in the cards each weekend has been one of the critical points of Walker’s career longevity, as he is celebrating 30 years of stock car racing this past season.

“I started in ’92 racing at Mosport, but I drove for somebody else,” he recalled. “How I got into it – by accident. I basically drove someone else’s car, and got hooked on it. I used to drag cars and stuff like that on the street when it was a lot different items, but unfortunately drag time didn’t have a lot of seat time. You did the quarter mile, and then you were relaxing and watching. I liked the circle track more as you got a few more laps and more time.”

His career has spanned many highlights, including memorable side-by-side battles while racing on the AlStar Late Model tour. However, it’s also brought out the other side of racing in 2001 at Peterborough Speedway.

“The craziest (wreck) would probably be at Peterborough,” Walker said. “I got rear-ended as the guy was at full speed and I was almost to a stop – and the front of his car took out my fuel cell, smashed the frame into the rear-end and ruptured it. there was a big fire actually. That was 2001 I believe it was and they used every fire extinguisher they had that day at Peterborough. I turned backwards and the fuel ran down the hot rotors, and it went boom.

“I was still in the car – the window net was already done and by the time I got out of the seat, I had plastic from the roof car and roll bar padding dripped down my back. It shows you how fast you can have a problem with fire.”

His career has also allotted the opportunity to run a wide variety of different cars and series, but right now, the OSCAAR Hot Rods have attracted him due to the era of the cars.

“I like the old iron, so to be able to put on and drive them – all the cars in the Hot Rod series are cool,” he shared. “Everything in that class we saw on the street for years and it’s cool. When it came time to build one of those and put it on a late model chassis – that was perfect.”

Since joining the series, he has immersed himself in everything, enjoying his time with each of his competitors.

“When I get to race with a bunch of guys that I get to know, the camaraderie that goes along with it, it’s great to have fun,” he said. “You can go out there and race hard for 10 laps, and then come in and joke around together. If someone needs something, you see guys able to go see each other to get parts. We are competitive, we race hard, but the camaraderie makes it a lot of fun.”

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