Jaeger McMaster Ready To Carry Momentum Into 2022

Throughout the 2021 campaign, Jaeger McMaster was able to gain experience and speed each time he got behind the wheel. Ultimately, the experience paid off in the form of winning the season ending Autumn Colours Classic.

“It was nice to get my first Peterborough win,” he commented. “It is my favourite track and the most challenging in the province. I’ve wanted to win Autumn Colours my whole life. Amazing moment in time, all credit goes to my team and our sponsors.”

The team behind him consisting of Brandon Robertson, Drew Robertson, Marty Monette, AJ Pescetti, Doug Nelson, Don Day, Steve Prokop, Jeff Ross, and Jacob Ross proved they were “elite” in the eyes of the driver with their dedication.

“Out of everything that went on, the thing that impressed me most about the 2021 season was my team’s dedication,” he commented. “We weren’t very fast at the start of the year, yet we end up winning the Colurs.”

The success he hopes to carry forward into the year ahead, set to see Robertson & Co. Racing continuing improving as a team, while seeing success not only for himself, but also for Jacob Ross, Marty Monette, and Drew Robertson in the events they enter. He knows to do that, though, it will involve continuing to build on the experience he gained this past year.

“Regarding improvement moving forward, I feel I have to be more precise on how I set guys up and pass them,” he admitted. “I made a really big mistake at Frostoberfest that cost me the race, and it was all based on a lack of patience on my part.”

While Peterborough is notably one of his favourite tracks, he admits also looking forward to racing at Sunset Speedway this year, beginning in May.

“I grew up watching all the Sunset Super Stock guys, and this year I get my first start there,” he commented. “Looking to make noise at Velocity.”

While one of the younger drivers on the OSCAAR grid, McMaster does not enter short of experience. He has been behind the wheel since he was nine years old, beginning with go-karts in 2010.

“What drives me to continue to compete is my team’s commitment,” he added. “The efforts my team put forward are second to none, and they deserve to win races based on that. I do all that I can to ensure they get those wins.”

He notes he has the best support possible, with “the best mechanics in my Dad, Uncle and Dougie, an elite driver, mentor and fabricator in Marty Monette, and a very promising driver in Jacob Ross. Also, credit to Steve Book, Connor James, and David Elliott. Without their input, I would not be the driver that I am today.”

The experience surrounding him, combined with his talent, has allowed him the opportunity to battle alongside some of the best in the sport, including a memorable United 8 race at Sauble Speedway.

“I battled door to door with Mark Ruigrok for what felt like the whole race and he got me on the outside, coming to the Checkered flag,” he recalled. “Mark Ruigrok is quite the talent behind the wheel.”

Unfortunately, the driver of the No. 74 AATEL Communications, Dave Vien Real Estate, Great Lakes Insulation, Heaslip Ford, Arnotts Automotive, Branded Wraps, Amsoil, Checkered Flag Bar and Grill, Crosswinds Creations, Prokop Lawn Services, Caledonia Auto Supply Ford has also experienced the other side of the sport, finding himself in a significant incident as a result of a rookie mistake.

“I accidentally pushed in the clutch instead of the brake pedal, backed the car into wall full speed and the end of the straight,” he commented. “If not for my HANs device, no telling what that situation could’ve turned into.”

While it was not the ideal situation, just like the other situations he has experienced, he has learned from then and continues to develop as a driver behind the wheel.

Now it’s just a matter of watching it all come together this year.

By Ashley McCubbin

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