Ontario Legend Series

Hailey McNicol and Zach Hatch Ready for Next Step of Career

After traveling across the province and having success in the Bone / Pure Stock class, the McNicol Motorsports duo of Hailey McNicol and Zachary Hatch are set for the next step of their racing career in 2022. The pair will move into the Ontario Legends Series, vying for Rookie of the Year honors against each other.

At the age of 15, McNicol enters the class with 10 years of experience behind the wheel, including a bone stock track championship. The Grade 9 student has an eagerness to compete, run consistently, and take on this new challenge. So despite being 4’10”, don’t underestimate her due to her heart and drive to win.

19-year-old Hatch enters this new challenge following just one full campaign of bone stocks under his belt, a season that saw his fair share of checkered flags. The Hawksbury Hawks player has done his homework, spending tons of time in the shop, and hopes his hockey mentality will have him running smooth and consistent lines in no time!

The pair will have lots of experience in the lean on, in the form of their parents Kenny McNicol and Jennifer Hatch, who have ran a ton of laps across the province in a variety of cars with 30 years of experience each. Notably, McNicol was the 2019 Masters Champion in the Legend Series.

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