Canadian Vintage Modified

Kyle Steckly, Justin Collison, Dylan Sharpe, and Jordan Morris Sweep as Flamboro Speedway Avoids Rain

MILLGROVE, Ontario — Despite thunderstorms throughout the province, Flamboro Speedway avoided all of the rain, except for a small delay, to get the full show in on Saturday night.

Late Models

Chris Howse started on pole for the first feature ahead of Kyle Steckly, Rick Burbridge, Kevin Albers, David Gallinger, Brett Rodwell, Coltin Everingham, and Jason Wood.

Steckly would grab the advantage on the opening lap ahead of Howse, with Albers up to third past Burbridge, Everingham, Gallinger, Rodwell, and Wood. The race’s lone caution came out on Lap 17 for Wood going around in turns one and two, with Everingham pulling into the pits a lap later.

Kyle Steckly led flag-to-flag for his first career victory ahead of Kevin Albers, Chris Howse, Rick Burbridge, and David Gallinger. Brett Rodwell finished sixth, with Coltin Everingham and Jason Wood failing to finish.

Rick Burbridge led the field to the green flag for the second feature ahead of Chris Howse, Kevin Albers, Kyle Steckly, David Gallinger, Brett Rodwell, and Coltin Everingham.

Albers grabbed the initial advantage at the front of the field ahead of Burbridge, Steckly, Howse, Gallinger, Everingham, and Rodwell. Unfortunately, Rodwell’s night got worse as he got into the turn one wall for the yellow flag on Lap 3. The restart saw Steckly moving up to second, before getting by Burbridge for the top spot on Lap 17.

Kyle Steckly picked up the checkered flag ahead of Rick Burbridge, Kevin Albers, Chris Howse, and Coltin Everingham. David Gallinger finished sixth, while Brett Rodwell did not finish, and Jason Wood failed to take the green flag.

Notably, after working through the night to fix damage sustained at Delaware Speedway on Friday night, J.R. Fitzpatrick saw his night end in practice as a result of motor issues.

Canadian Vintage Modifieds

The first feature would see Mike Westwood take the early lead ahead of John Karley, Quinton Murdoch, Joe Arsenault, Mike Podd, Jerrid Morphy, TJ Marshall, Rick WIlligar, and Mike Klotz. Karley would make a move for the top spot on Lap 5, but was unable to complete the pass, instead going around backwards.

Quinton Murdoch would take over the lead on Lap 7 with Arsenault looking to move into second. Unfortunately, that would not play out well for him, instead going around on the backstretch a lap later. That would allow Morphy to move up into second ahead of Marshall, Daryl Henwood, Podd, Westwood, Willigar, Klotz, and Arsenault. Klotz continued to move forward, passing Willigar for seventh on Lap 12. Karley would then head into the pits with issues eight laps later.

Quinton Murdoch led the rest of the way to score his first career victory ahead of Jerrid Morphy, TJ Marshall, Daryl Henwood, Mike Podd, Mike Westwood, Mike Klotz, Rick Willigar, Steve Murdoch, and Connor Ross. Brian Pescetti placed 11th, followed by Joe Arsenault and John Karley. Doug Hood did not take the green flag.

With the invert in-play for the second feature, Rick Willigar started pole ahead of Mike Klotz, Mike Westwood, Mike Podd, Daryl Henwood, TJ Marshall, Jerrid Morphy, Quinton Murdoch, Joe Arsenault, John Karley, Brian Pescetti, Doug Hood, and Steve Murdoch.

Rick Willigar broke out to the early lead ahead of Westwood, Klotz, and Podd, as Henwood and Marshall battled for fifth ahead of Morphy. Unfortunately, close quarters at the front of the field would not end well, with both Westwood and Henwood going around on the frontstretch off of turn four on Lap 5.

The restart saw more problems, with Marshall stopping in turn two with an issue. The second attempt was clean, with Podd taking over the top spot ahead of WIlligar, Morphy, Arsenault, and Quinton Murdoch. Unfortunately, Karley ran into issues, heading pit side on Lap 7. The field would spread out mostly single-file, except for Henwood challenging Klotz for seventh on Lap 16, and completing the pass a lap later.

Mike Podd scored the victory ahead of Rick Willigar, Jerrid Morphy, Joe Arsenault, and Quinton Murdoch. Daryl Henwood finished sixth, followed by Mike Klotz, Connor Ross, Doug Hood, and Brian Pescetti. Steve Murdoch placed 11th, while John Karley, TJ Marshall, and Mike Westwood failed to finish.

Super Stocks

The first feature on the night would Justin Collison score the victory over Carson Nagy, Paul Boundy, and Kelsey Lamont. David Rockwood failed to take the checkered flag.

The second feature did not start as Kelsey Lamont wanted, climbing the wall in turn one following a mechanical issue. Carson Nagy would lead the first eight laps, but was being hunted by Justin Collison most of those right on his tail. Collison made his move on Lap 9, taking over the top spot and cruising away for the win. Paul Boundy and David Rockwood finished third and fourth despite going around in turns one and two on the last lap, with Kelsey Lamont credited with fifth after failing to finish.

Notably, Austin Penney showed up to compete, but would suffer mechanical issues in practice.

Mini Stocks

Mike Hooper started on pole for the first feature ahead of Dylan Sharpe, Gillian Hils, Mike Gilmour, John Istead, Dale Millard, and Cole Quinton. The field would try to go green initially, but a passing shower would see them head pit side. They would return to the track once the speedway was dry, but without Millard in the field.

Sharpe would grab the early advantage bringing Hils through with him as Gilmour ran third ahead of Istead, Quinton, and Hooper. Gilmour’s strong run came to an end on Lap 7, with him going around for the quick spin. Dylan Sharpe cruised to the victory ahead of Gillian Hils, Cole Quinton, John Istead, Mike Gilmour, and Mike Hooper, with Dale Millard failing to take the checkered flag.

Mike Gilmour started on pole for the second feature ahead of Mike Hooper, John Istead, Cole Quinton, Gillian Hils, and Dylan Sharpe.  Gilmour broke out to the early lead with Quinton moving up into second ahead of Sharpe, Hils, Hooper, and Istead.

Sharpe then took over the runner-up spot on Lap 3, before moving into the lead a lap later. Hils would follow through three laps later, with Gilmour spinning Quinton for the yellow flag on Lap 7. Sharpe got a good restart ahead of Hils, with Istead up to third. Quinton would make his way back up after the spin, looking to get by Istead for third. Unfortunately, contact would see Istead go around for the yellow flag with a couple laps to go.

Sharpe got a good restart, scoring the feature victory for his fourth checkered flag in a row at Flamboro Speedway. Gillian Hils finished second, followed by Mike Gilmour, John Istead, Cole Quinton, and Mike Hooper, with Dale Millard failing to take the green flag.

Pure Stocks

Scott Tonelli started on pole for the first feature ahead of Matt Longford, Bobby Mercer, Jordan Morris, Mark Thorne, Chase Mitchell, Eric Stewart, Nicole Stewart, Jimmy Hooper, Mark Lamont, Phil Givens, Kyle Lucas, Dale Lucas, Rick VanKleef, Alex Stewart, Reece Bourgeois, and Michael Neumeister.

The drop of the green flag saw a battle for the lead between Tonelli and Longford, with Morris moving into third ahead of Mercer and Thorne, as Mitchell and Eric Stewart battled for sixth. Longford would take over the top spot on Lap 5, with Mitchell into sixth. Stewart’s night got worse, as he headed pit side a lap later.

The battles continued throughout the field, with Kyle Lucas getting alongside Givens for seventh, unable to take the spot. Instead, Givens would get by Mitchell to move up to sixth.

At the front of the field, Morris was able to track down Longford for the top spot, getting alongside him on Lap 9. He would then complete the pass a lap later as Tonelli continued to run third ahead of Givens, Mercer, Thorne, Mitchell, Lucas, Hooper, and Dale Lucas. Mitchell would then challenge Thorne for sixth on Lap 17 and was able to complete the pass.

Jordan Morris cruised to the victory ahead of Matt Longford, Scott Tonelli, Phil Givens, and Bobby Mercer. Chase Mitchell placed sixth, followed by Kyle Lucas, Mark Thorne, Michael Neumeister, and Dale Lucas. Jimmy Hooper finished 11th, followed by Reece Bourgeois, Rick VanKleef, Alex Stewart, Mark Lamont, and Nicole Stewart, while Eric Stewart failed to finish.

Alex Stewart started on pole for the second feature ahead of Reece Bourgeois, Jimmy Hooper, Dale Lucas, Mark Thorne, Chase Mitchell, Bobby Mercer, Phil Givens, Scott Tonelli, Matt Longford, Jordan Morris, Matt Lamont, Nicole Stewart, Eric Stewart, Michael Neumeister.

Bourgeois grabbed the top spot on the opening lap ahead of Dale Lucas, with Stewart battling Kyle Lucas for third. Givens would take them three-wide, getting the spot on Lap 3, bringing Morris and Hooper through with him. It’d then get a little crazy, with Alex Stewart, Kyle Lucas, Thorne, and Mitchell going four-wide for sixth.

Bourgeois would continue to lead, but now ahead of Givens as he moved into second ahead of Morris and Dale Lucas. Things would get interesting at the front of the field on Lap 6, with a three-wide battle for the lead. Morris would emerge out front ahead of Givens, Bourgeois, Dale Lucas, Kyle Lucas, Hooper, Mitchell, and Tonelli. Langford would then challenge Tonelli for eighth on Lap 11, with contact occurring as Langford stopped in turn three a lap later.

The restart would see Dale Lucas go around in turns one and two following contact, with somehow everybody avoiding him and he missing the outside wall. There’d be no caution as Givens led ahead of Morris, Kyle Lucas, Bourgeois, Mitchell, and Thorne. Lamont continued to move forward, getting by Thorne for sixth on Lap 15. Tonelli would try to follow him through, instead making contact with Thorne, resulting in Thorne hitting the outside turn three wall.

The restart would see some contact, resulting in both Hooper and Bourgeois going around in turns one and two. Jordan Morris, meanwhile, did a really good job, and was able to snag the lead, pacing the field the rest of the way for the daily double. Phil Givens finished second, followed by Kyle Lucas, Matt Lamont, and Michael Neumeister.

Chase Mitchell placed sixth, followed by Matt Langford, Eric Stewart, Scott Tonelli, and Bobby Mercer. Alex Stewart finished 11th, followed by Nicole Stewart, and Jimmy Hooper. Reece Bourgeois, Mark Thorne, and Dale Lucas failed to finish, while Rick VanKleef did not take the green flag.

The next event at Flamboro Speedway is scheduled for July 31, featuring the Canadian Vintage Modifieds, Super Stocks, Mini Stocks, Pure Stocks, and the Pro 4 Modifieds. Due to COVID restrictions, the kid’s ride program portion of the event has been postponed until the province moves into Stage 4.

With the province moving into stage three of the COVID re-opening government plan, Flamboro Speedway is allowed to host 75% capacity in the grandstands. No tickets will be sold online, but rather available at the gate on a first come, first serve basis. The spectator gates will open at 5 pm with racing kicking off at 6:30 pm sharp.

Tickets will be $20 for adults at the front gate, $18 for seniors 65 and older, and $5 for children ages 6-12. You can also buy a family pass for $45.00 which includes two adults and up to four children.

Be sure to keep up with the latest by checking out Flamboro Speedway’s website at You can also keep up via your favorite social networking website by following the speedway on Twitter at and Instagram at Fans are encouraged to like the speedway’s Facebook page at

By: Ashley McCubbin

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