Delaware Speedway


Whether the Qwick Wick Super Stock tour, or the weekly divisions, it appears the Super Stock class is as competitive as ever. A quick glance everywhere, and you can point out numerous drivers who should visit victory lane.

With multiple tracks set to be in action this coming weekend, there’s a lot to talk about.

1. Two Races, Two Different Winners

Sunset Speedway has hosted a pair of events, with two total different appearances. Lane Zardo dominated the first event, while the second saw a close field race under a blanket throughout with Dan Archibald coming out on top.

Seeing Zardo win behind the wheel of the Ken Grubb owned Super Stock is no surprise. After all, we became used to the sight of it at Jukasa Motor Speedway. Combined with his knowledge of Sunset Speedway, he could be the driver to beat this season.

Archibald, meanwhile, is a mixed bag in the eyes of the fans and fellow competitors. There are some weeks where controversy seems to follow, and it did even with the win thanks to a bump and run. However, he has proven that he can be as quick as anybody in the field. Depending whether trouble follows or not, there may be more checkered flags to come.

2. New Division, Same Dance and Experience

Through the province, everybody became used to the success by Dwayne Baker and Jason Parker in Late Models. The pair made the decision to step into Super Stocks in 2021, and so far have been both off to a solid start.

A top-five for each on opening night, combined with finishes of sixth and seventh on the second show the potential and the fact they will be ones to watch moving forward. After all, Parker held a checkered flag at Sauble Speedway last weekend with the Ontario Sportsman Series.

3. Youth vs. Experience

Flamboro Speedway has witnessed three super stock features, with three different winners. The young rising talent in Gerrit Tiemersma and Carson Nagy was on full display, but the bigger celebration came in watching Kelsey Lamont finally visit victory lane after years of coming close so many ways.

So what is to come next? The opportunities are endless as we may see a repeat winner, but then you also cannot count out Justin Collison, Kevin Gallant, and Nick Troback based on past experience and strong performances to start 2021.

4. Familiar Faces Lead Peterborough

Peterborough Speedway has only had the division in action on a single night, with a  familiar face leading the way as Anthony DiBello went to victory lane. It also did not take him long to get there, as he took over the top spot on Lap 3. Given the speed and being a past champion, it could become a familiar sight.

However, do not expect him to go unchallenged with the likes of Tyler Bouilon, Mark Gordon and Brad Stevenson in the field.

5. New Names Rise to the Occasion

When you think of Delaware Speedway, everybody points towards Trevor Collver and Andrew Ferriera. Both of them ran well on July 9, but that also proved others are ready to rise to the occasion and be part of the conversation.

Ryan Bright scored the feature victory, with Doug Stewart fourth. Could we be set to see a changing of the guard?

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