2021 OSCAAR Hot Rod Drivers to Watch Part 2

With each season that comes up in the Knightworks Design OSCAAR Hot Rods, there is always a list of drivers that everyone is keeping an eye on, wondering how they’re going to perform.

As always, be sure to comment with your thoughts – whether positive or negative.

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Billy Alderson Jr.

A single start in 2020 resulted in a fourth-place finish, but that’s just the beginning of the story here. Alderson has shown speed over the past couple seasons, scoring an additional four top-five’s in 2019 with a trip to victory lane. A constant threat for the win should be a trend that will continue moving forward.

Marty Monette

2021 Plans: We know Dave Gainforth is working very hard in making things happen and we’re obviously going to be ready. So we’re hoping that we have a chance to show off our equipment, and the one thing I like about the Hot Rod series is the guys that we run with week-in-week-out. It’s a great group of guys, everyone gets along well, and we do our thing.
Why the OSCAAR Hot Rods?: To be honest with you, I really liked the group of guys that are racing in it. Being involved with Brandon and Drew – kind of got hooked on it and wanted to do something back in my own equipment instead of driving for somebody and have more say in what was going on. The Hot Rods seem to be a good fit for everybody. We’re all out of the same shop and we’re all leaning on each other for help and knowledge, so it just seemed like a no-brainer really.
Drivers To Watch: I think you’re going to see an influx of guys that are faster. I’ve heard some rumors about a few guys coming in that should make the series better. The level of competition is going to be up there so to run up front is the expectation, to get some wins, and just be contention every week.

Marty Monette has not made a lap on track yet, but it doesn’t mean his name hasn’t come up in conversation. After all, his success behind the wheel in the Super Stocks speak for itself.

Amanda Balson

2021 Plans: To run the full season
2021 Goals: I haven’t raced since 2019, so goal number one is just to go out and have some fun. I’m confident we are going to bring good equipment to the track, so I definitely hope to be racing up front.
Why the OSCAAR Hot Rods? The affordability for sure. The competition also seems like it’s heating up with rumours of lots of talented drivers coming to the series, mixed in with the existing roster. I think it’s looking like a very fun and competitive season.
Drivers to Watch: There’s so many guys out there that can get the job done. I think that’s exciting part! There were a few surprises last season for sure. I think you’ve got to keep your eyes on the entire field!

Whether it’s Late Models, Ontario Sportsman Series, or Thunder Cars (now Super Stocks), Amanda Balson has been fast in everything she’s driven and about to reach victory lane. So why should the Hot Rods be a different story?

Trevor Thompson

2021 Plans/Goals: We show up to every race aiming for that win. We try to keep the car consistent and keep our eye on that checkered flag!
What makes the Hot Rods fun?: The Hot Rods series is an affordable way to get out there and have some good competitive fun.

Trevor Thompson may only have a three OSCAAR Hot Rod starts under his belt, but he’s already made a lasting impression. He kicked off with a runner-up in his debut at Jukasa Motor Speedway, followed by another second at Sunset Speedway. He then capped the year off by heading to feature victory at Canada’s Crown Jewel. What does 2021 have in store? There could be lots of black and white for sure.

Steve Book

2021 Plans: The entire Hot Rod schedule, whatever it may be.
2021 Goals: I am hoping to put together consistent finishes and hopefully pull out a win.
What makes the Hot Rods fun? These are really cool cars and it’s a great bunch of racers.
Drivers to Watch: There are so many racers in this series that can win at any track so the competition will be awesome, but Trevor Thompson had three strong races in his rookie season so I see him being a threat every race and the duo from Mt. Hope will also be a force even though they are running a limited schedule. But honestly, there are 10 cars that can get it done at any time especially with the new talent coming into the series.

Steve Book had a break out season in 2019 with consistency and trips to victory lane, as evident by three feature wins. Despite 2020 being shortened, the trend continued no finishes worse than sixth and a victory at Jukasa Motor Speedway. If the performance continues to climb, he could easily be your next series champion.

Tyler Hawn

2021 Plans: Our teams single focus, on track, is getting back in Victory Lane as often as possible. We experimented a lot with setup in the short time we had in 2020. We learned a lot about our car, the hard way. But it was the perfect time to experiment, without points up for grabs. We are confident that we have built the best #2 car yet, and we can’t wait to run. Off track we have a number of new Partners we will be announcing soon! And as soon as this pandemic is over we intend to get out and about with the NRS Brakes Hot Rod making appearances at cruise nights, car meets, classic shows and events throughout Ontario.
2021 Plans: Only one goal, 4th straight Championship. Our team expects the continued growth and improvement of many teams in the series, to give us one hell of a fight. But make no mistake, we are still hungry enough, for another one. Starving actually…
What makes the Hot Rods one of the most fun classes to be apart of?: It’s sexy as hell. The class is new and fresh, and yet classic and nostalgic. Doesn’t cost a fortune to come out and race hard with good competitors, and the fans absolutely love it. It’s a relaxed but competitive group, that keeps it cool in the pits, and on track.
Drivers to Watch: Steve Book in the #47 is always a threat. Thompson in the #00 has speed, so we expect them to be a factor at the larger tracks. Everyone in this series, is getting better by the event. We ran two by two 6 or 8 rows deep at Jukasa last year for nearly 30 laps! It was nuts! Its difficult to say who else might be a threat, with all the new cars and cars changing hands. There are several teams who have a shot on any given Saturday.

Three-time OSCAAR Hot Rod Series Champion, all-time top-five leader, all-time top-10 leader, and all-time win leader. Tyler Hawn has set the bar since the inaugural season, and is the target everyone continues to chase as they look for glory. While he did not visit feature victory lane in 2020, don’t expect that to be a re-occurring theme in 2021.

Stay tuned to the OSCAAR official website at for further in-depth series interviews. 

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