Flamboro Speedway

Mike Thomson Hopeful for Continued Improvement in 2021

After spending most of his season at Flamboro Speedway through running their invitational events throughout 2020, Mike Thomson is hopeful things continue to improve for a stronger season ahead.

“I hope that Flamboro can open for the full season,” he told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “It would be so great to see all the fans in the stands. Especially for the owners of all the tracks. They allow us to have a place to play and have fun. Without the dedication of the owners and promoters, we would just have cars sitting in garages.”

After showing speed throughout the events, Thomson eyes continued improvement in the year ahead, and hopes his team’s work through the winter allows them to run up front against the best. Ultimately, he hopes it all comes together for a top-five feature performance.

“The thing we need to improve this year is simply seat time,” he commented. “I have about 300 laps in total on the track. Just getting an understanding of what the car needs. Learn and make it better.”

There’s also a good chance you may see the No. 16 Butcher and Banker, Breakaway Auto Glass and Runco’s Auto Service Mustang at other tracks throughout the province, as Thomson is excited to get to Sunset Speedway.

“We hope to go there for the season opener, and I hope we can go back to Jukasa again,” he offered. “What a great time we had for the first event there.”

For Thomson, racing is a given, after having watched his father race for many years at Flamboro Speedway and Cayuga Speedway (now Jukasa).

“My racing hero is my dad,” he said. “He has forgotten more about racing than I’ll ever know. I can still remember watching him from the stands at Flamboro. I owe everything I have to him. He’s working on my car all week when I can’t be there in a single car garage with not heat. He’s out there in -20⁰ weather getting things done. I couldn’t do it without him.”

He would get behind the wheel in 2012 in the Enduro class at Delaware Speedway, ahead of being a rookie in the Mini Stock class this past year at the age of 41.

“This class has some of the best in Southern Ontario,” he shared. “I’m too old to think about moving up. Mini Stocks is the right place for me going forward.”

The opportunity to be behind the wheel has already produced some great memories throughout last season.

“Myself, my dad, brother and cousin were hauling the car from Dunnville to Flamboro,” he recalled a particular moment from last season. “And I as was driving there, I said I can’t believe this day had come. We spent almost two years building the car and it was emotional because I know how much work everyone did to get to that point.

“It didn’t matter how we finished; just the fact we got there was amazing.”

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