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Sunset Speedway Releases 2021 Schedule

The schedule releases continue to come out, with Sunset Speedway starting off this week with theirs.

In an interesting twist, we see our second covid schedule, following suit with Flamboro Speedway releasing both versions for their track.

With the lockdowns continuing across the province and only being allowed to shift into other colour zones slowly, combined with the vaccine not out to the general population till mid-summer, it’d appear speedways will likely be under the same restrictions as they were for the past season. It is why Sunset Speedway has taken that approach with their schedule off the initial drop, rather than going for the full slate as we’ve seen with touring series and other tracks.

Certainly things are always evolving the virus as there has been press conferences by all forms of government on a weekly basis with updates. There are also those whom are working with the province to instill special procedures for the tracks to follow, allotting both competitors and spectators, as we seen last season. It is still clearly possible for those to see an expanded approach compared to 2020 as we’re a couple months out, and displayed last year we know how to handle ourselves.

But alas, here we are with an idea of what the summer of 2021 could possibly indicate.

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