Full Throttle Motor Speedway

Alex Cole Ready to “Have Fun and Get More Seat Time.”

Full Throttle Motor Speedway is certainly expected to have a full field this year and one of those competing in the Pure Stock class will be Alex Cole.

“My plans for the 2021 campaign are to just go out, have fun, get more seat time, and see where it takes me in a new car with a paint scheme co-designed by Meg’s Apparel,” he told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS.

With a goal set on “continuing to improve my driving skills,” he hopes it will translate in being able to move up through the ranks, with his eyes on being in a Mini Stock down the road.

For Cole, he got interested in racing through his family, as both sides of his family have spent time involved in the sport, with Cole attending events at FTMS (then Varney Motor Speedway) since 1995.

“The things I love most about racing is the feeling it gives you, but also the track family you become,” he commented. “All of us Bone Stock drivers at Varney help each other.”

Based on his family’s history, it’s no surprise he considers both his father and uncle as his racing heroes, and thankful for their help as “they are always giving me pointers on what I can do to improve myself.”

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