Bone Stocks

Jeff Laflamme Keeping Busy with Pure and Mini Stock Competition

While a lot of people were stuck on the sidelines watching racing or participating just a couple times a month, the same can’t be said for Jeff Laflamme who managed to put together a busy season – spending every weekend except two at the track despite COVID-19.

“In 2020, our team was able to be at the race track almost every weekend,” he told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “I got a lot of needed seat time in the car, was able to find speed at (Full Throttle Motor Speedway aka) Varney also! I was also able to make my Mini Stock debut at Flamboro and Peterborough. I even landed myself to heat wins at Peterborough.”

The success this past year has only fueled motivation towards making 2021 his year, with plans set to compete at Sunset Speedway. Laflamme in in the process of putting together a brand new car for the Bone Stock division, while also planning to field a “new to me car” in Mini Stock.

When he is not competing at his home track, expect to find him stopping in at Peterborough, being his second favourite, with having “so much fun” this past season.

The double duty will allow double the chance at success, but also the much needed seat time he feels he needs to improve.

“The major thing that needs to be improved the most is my driving,” he commented. “I don’t have the seat time that a lot of others have. I have the equipment to win, just not the talent yet.”

With four heat victories already under his belt, Laflamme says he would “love to win a feature not only for me, but for my team” to see their hard work start paying off.

For Laflamme, the interest in racing has been there his whole life as a fan, and “when the chance came up for me to get my first car, I jumped on it.” The debut vehicle for him adorned the No. 24, which came as no surprise as he grew up admiring Jeff Gordon.

Laflamme would also like to thank my crew for all their help – Mike Robinson Jr., Charlie Smith, James Potentier, Michael Robinson, Jelly, Natasha Westover, Austin Laflamme, and Lexi Laflamme.

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