Flamboro Speedway

Wendy Adams Enjoying Switch to Racing Legends

After competing in Mini Stocks over the past eight years, Wendy Adams switched gears for 2020 in taking on the challenge of the Ontario Legends Series. Even though plans got changed with COVID-19, there were still a lot of good takeaways from the year.

The original plan was for her to gather experience through the summer to hopefully travel and race in the United States this winter. Though with a shortened schedule for the series, it turned into a summer of practice, followed by a couple events in September.

“As much as we were all disappointed on the shortened season, I looked at the positive for me,” she told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “I got to practice and race and I am still a rookie next year.”

Certainly in comparing a four-cylinder stock car to a Legend, there are several differences, beginning with size and weight.

“Being a smaller car and lighter makes it much different to drive,” she said. “The mini stock is push hard into the corner and brake and then back on the gas. The Legend requires very little brake and not letting off the gas. Adjustments are made mainly in air pressure and shock adjustments. The motors are sealed so no adjustments can be made where the mini stock it was carbureted and we could make adjustments.”

Going from one car to another, she initially thought it’d take some adjustment, but that was not the case once she got behind the wheel.

“The Legend is very twitchy and can spin out very easy. Adjusting to the lighter car and shorter wheel base has been the biggest change,” she commented. “Learning to drive the Legend has taken a different mentality and perseverance. I still have a lot to learn about driving the Legend and also understanding the physical feel of the car. With a lot of help from the Legend drivers, I finally got comfortable that I will be able to race the Legend and get faster lap times.”

In the couple events she was able to compete in at Peterborough Speedway and Flamboro Speedway, she notes patience will definitely be a virtue moving forward.

“Learning to drive the Legend takes time and practice to be able to race with confidence,” she explained. “With talking to Legend drivers, I got a better understanding of the series and the cars. Mastering the Legend takes a few years but the respect in the class is awesome. Everyone helps each other out and offers assistance whether it is fixing a car or driving technique. I also plan to get some additional driver instruction in the spring to further help with my rookie season.”

Now with some seat time underneath her, Adams is setting her goals on obtaining the Rookie of the Year Award in 2021, while partaking in a driver development program with the Legend drivers to gain more confidence.

For someone that may be on the fence about dipping their feet into the Legends, she says her previous racing experience helped with the decision, in knowing she would need to be patient in learning.

“Legends are a class of their own and there is a lot of respect among the drivers,” she said. “Do your research on the cars and if you get a chance take one out for a practice do so to get a feeling for the car. It is not for the nervous racer but it is a great car to have fun with. Being that the Legends are controlled, there are no gray areas with respect to rules. All the cars are the same and the only variance is the motor whether liquid cooled or air cooled which allows you to run anywhere without concern of meeting the track rules.”

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