Flamboro Speedway

Steve Cashmore Scores Super Stock Frostoberfest Victory at Flamboro Speedway

In a race that saw some twists and turns throughout, Steve Cashmore came out on top at the end to score the victory in the Super Stock portion of Flamboro Speedway’s Frostoberfest on Saturday.

Ken Grubb qualified on pole with a lap of 16.345 seconds ahead of Andy Kamrath (16.360), Roy Wilkie (16.464), Paul Pepper (16.479), and Gerrit Tiemersma (16.480). Gary McLean qualified sixth, followed by Anthony DiBello, Steve Cashmore, Marvin Freiburger, and Justin Collison.

Dennis Cybalski started 11th, followed by Tim Burke, Paul Boundy, Kevin Gallant, Coltin Everingham, Andrew Ferreira, Brad Collison, Rick Verberne, Jo Lawrence, Donovan Price, Jerry Broom, and Steve Lazary.

Kamrath grabbed the initial advantage ahead of Grubb, Wilkie, Tiemersma, and DiBello, as Cashmore and Pepper battled for sixth. Pepper got the spot on lap 3, with the caution coming a lap later for Lazary spinning off of turn four.

Kamrath got a good restart to maintain the advantage ahead of Grubb, Wilkie, DiBello, Tiemersma, Cashmore, and Pepper, as Freiburger and Cybalski battled for eighth. Freiburger got the spot on Lap 7 ahead of Cybalski, Justin Collison, and Burke, as Everingham and McLean battled for 12th. Everingham got the spot on Lap 9, with Ferriera rounding out the top-14.

Justin Collison continued to move forward, passing Cybalski for ninth on Lap 11, but Cybalski would fight back. The result would be Cybalski climbing the side of Collison, with both cars sustaining damage but able to keep going. The caution would come out, though, as McLean got loose and spun off of turn four, collecting Gallant and Verberne with him, as Brad Collison spun into the infield.

Kamrath got another good restart with Wilkie up to second ahead of Grubb, Cashmore, DiBello, Freiburger, Cybalski, Burke, Ferriera, Everingham, Pepper, Justin Collison, Boundy, Brad Collison, Lawrence, Broom, Price, and Tiemersma. Cybalski and Ferriera would battle for seventh on Lap 19, with Burke getting the spot ahead of Ferriera, Everingham and Pepper, as Justin Collison and Cybalski battled for 11th. Justin Collison would take the spot on Lap 22.

The third caution then came out on Lap 23 for Wilkie breaking something in the rear-end, getting into the outside turn one wall and stopping.

Kamrath’s good restarts continued with Grubb back up to second ahead of Cashmore and Freiburger, as Ferriera and DiBello battled for fifth. Ferriera got the spot on Lap 26, bringing Everingham through with him as DiBellow now ran seventh ahead of Pepper. The third caution then came out on Lap 29 for McLean going around in turn four.

Fourth time a charm for Kamrath as he held serve once again ahead of Grubb, Cashmore, Ferriera, DiBello, Justin Collison, Pepper, Everingham and Freiburger, with Brad Collison and Burke side-by-side for 10th ahead of Lawrence. DiBello would then get alongside Ferriera for fourth on Lap 32, but the fifth caution came out for Brad Collison and Burke getting together.

Kamrath escaped once again with the lead, with Cashmore up to second ahead of DiBello. But the yellow flag was then waved for a sixth time, with Lazary spinning on the frontstretch. The restart would see Tiemersma stall on the backstretch, drawing the seventh caution period. It seemed time for quick yellows, with an eighth just a lap later for Lazary going around in turn three.

The restart would see Kamrath get away with the lead once again ahead of Grubb and Ferriera, as trouble struck in the back of the field. Burke would have something let go, laying down fluid going into the first corner, including dropping the driveshaft out of the car in turn two before heading off. Price would hit the fluid first, spinning down into the infield.

The leaders would then enter the corner, unaware of the fluid put down, with the top-five – Kamrath, Grubb, Ferreira, DiBello, and Everingham – all sliding up into the turn one and two wall together. All drivers were able to climb out of their cars under their own power.

Cashmore inherited the lead through escaping the mess, getting a good restart as Boundy and Pepper battled for second. Pepper got the spot on Lap 39, bringing Justin Collison through with him. Boundy now ran fourth ahead of Freiburger, Brad Collison, and Lawrence.

Steve Cashmore led the rest of the way en route to winning the 50-lap affair ahead of Paul Pepper, Justin Collison, Paul Boundy, and Marvin Freiburger. Brad Collison finished sixth, followed by Jo Lawrence, Gary McLean, Andrew Ferreira, and Jerry Broom.

Coltin Everingham placed 11th, followed by Donovan Price, Andy Kamrath, Ken Grubb, Anthony DiBello, Tim Burke, Steve Lazary, Gerrit Tiemersma, Dennis Cybalski, Roy Wilkie, Kevin Gallant, and Rick Verberne.

Andy Kamrath was presented with the Qwick Wick Fastest Lap Award following the event.

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