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Todd Davenport Out-Duels Ken Grubb to Super Stock Victory at Sauble Speedway

SAUBLE BEACH, Ontario — In another barn burner for the Super Stock division, Todd Davenport would out-duel Ken Grubb en route to scoring the victory at Sauble Speedway.

Ken Grubb was the quickest in time trials with a lap of 15.834 ahead of Marvin Freiburger (15.841), Jordan Latimer (15.849), Brandon McConnell (15.890), and Gerrit Tiemersma (15.916). Grubb drew seven for the invert, though, putting Todd Davenport on the pole. Davenport started pole ahead of Collver, Tiemersma, McConnell, and Latimer. Freiburger was sixth, followed by Grubb, Paul Pepper, Jake Zevenbergen, and Dennis Cybalski.

Steve Cashmore qualified 11th, followed by Zack Casemore, Frank Davey, Bill Brekelmans, Coltin Everingham, Matt Johnson, Ryan Dyson, Rick Verberne, Dan Robb, and Zach Sprung. Mike Weeda started 21st, followed by Jaymee Adams, and Darren Thirkettle.

Collver took advantage of the invert, taking the early lead ahead of Davenport and Tiemersma, with Latimer and McConnell side-by-side for fourth. Latimer got the spot, bringing Grubb and Freiburger through with him over the next three laps. The caution then came out on Lap 6 for an incident involving Pepper, Cybalski, Casemore, Cashmore, and Sprung.

Collver got a good restart ahead of Davenport and Latimer, with Zevenbergen giving Tiemersma the bump and run to take over fourth. Grubb followed suit for fifth, bumping Tiemersma back for sixth ahead of McConnell, Freiburger, and Davey. Grubb then got alongside Zevenbergen for fourth on Lap 10, taking the spot a lap later. Tiemersma continued to run sixth ahead of Freiburger, with Davey and McConnell side-by-side.

Davey got the eighth spot on Lap 13 ahead of McConnell, Verberne, Johnson, Dyson, and Brekelmans, with Everingham alongside Brekelmans on Lap 14. Everingham got the spot a lap later, bringing Wilkie through with him to bump Brekelmans back to 15th ahead of Cybalski, Sprung, and Thirkettle. Pepper then got alongside Thirkettle, taking the 18th spot on Lap 18.

Pepper then ran into an issue, pulling off the track on Lap 20. He caught a break, though, with the caution coming out a lap later for Cashmore stopping on the backstretch. With the yellow flag, Pepper was able to make his necessary repairs and return to the track without going down a lap later.

Collver got a good restart, with Latimer and Davenport side-by-side for second. Latimer got the spot, but was immediately challenged by Zevenbergen, while Grubb got alongside Davenport. Zevenbergen took over second on Lap 23 ahead of Freiburger, with Grubb and Latimer side-by-side for fourth.

Freiburger then got alongside Zevenbergen for second on Lap 24, taking the spot a lap later, bringing Grubb through with him, as Zevenbergen battled Latimer for fourth. The yellow flag then came out, though, due to an incident on the frontstretch involving Brekelmans, Robb, and Thirkettle. Brekelmans climbed the wall, collecting the others once he came off of it.

The restart saw a battle for the lead between Collver and Freiburger, with Freiburger taking over the top spot ahead of Collver, Zevenbergen, and Grubb. Behind them, Davenport and Latimer battled for fifth, as McConnell ran side-by-side with Tiemersma for seventh.

Davenport would take over fifth on lap 28, with the caution coming out a lap later for Collver going around. Zevenbergen would make slight contact with the back of Collver, as Grubb dove for the corner, pushing Zevenbergen up a little bit more, fully sending Collver around. Pepper would try to avoid, ultimately sliding into Collver, caving in the front nose of his car and ending his day. For their involvement in the incident, race officials sent both Collver and Grubb to the back.

The restart would see Zevenbergen, Freiburger and Davenport go three-wide for the lead, with Freiburger grabbing the initial lead. Though as he came off turn two, he’d get a little sideways, with contact from Zeverbergen sending him around. The aftermath would see Johnson spin Latimer, followed by Adams spinning Everingham. The shuffled running order saw Davenport scored the leader ahead of Wilkie, Davey, Verberne, Everingham, Tiemersma, Thirkettle, Collver, Grubb, Latimer, Johnson, Adams, Zevenbergen, and Freiburger.

The restart would see another yellow flag, with McConnell getting spun in turn four by Wilkie. However, that all started on the backstretch with McConnell climbing the wall a little.

The third attempt to restart saw Davenport grab the advantage ahead of Davey, with Everingham now up to third ahead of Grubb, Tiemersma, Collver, and Latimer.

Part way through the pack, McConnell got sideways off Thirkettle due to contact from Wilkie from behind, with McConnell coming back up on the track three-wide with Wilkie and Zevenbergen. Contact ensued once again, with McConnell going around in turns three and four for the caution with seven laps to go.

Davenport got another good restart, with Grubb getting alongside Davey for second as Everingham slipped back to fourth ahead of Tiemersma and Latimer. The green flag did not last for long, though, with Adams spinning in turns three and four for the caution.

The final restart would see a battle for the top spot between Davenport and Grubb, as both drivers traded bumps and tried to out-smart the other. Todd Davenport got the final say, taking the top spot through turns three and four to come to the checkered flag for the win. Ken Grubb, who slid sideways through the corner, saved the car to finish second ahead of Frank Davey, Gerrit Tiemersma, and Coltin Everingham.

Trevor Collver got back to finish sixth, followed by Jordan Latimer, Marvin Freiburger, Rick Verberne, and Roy Wilkie. Matt Johnston placed 11th, followed by Darren Thirkettle, Jaymee Adams, Brandon McConnell, Jake Zevenbergen, Paul Pepper, Bill Brekelmans, Dan Robb, Zach Sprung, and Ryan Dyson. Dennis Cybalski finished 21st, followed by Steve Cashmore, Zack Casemore, and Mike Weeda.

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