Pete Shepherd Fights Loose Condition to Top-Five at Jukasa

Throughout the day at Jukasa Motor Speedway, Pete Shepherd was of the contenders amongst the leaders, ultimately falling short on the victory with a fifth-place finish.

“I can’t thank APC Auto Parts Centres, Total-Canada Lubricants as the No. 22 was really good,” Pete Shepherd told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “I felt so happy after qualifying as I thought we had the car to beat, because I had a loose racecar and usually that’s what you want in these races. It just never, ever tightened up; I stayed loose the entire race.

“I think the last five laps I got a little snug off of turn four and I think midway through the race, I started to run with those guys in the top-two. We were hung on the inside on the last restart and I lost two more spots, and back to P5. We were anywhere from a third to a fifth-place car so I’ll take it. We’ll get better and I know what I need to do next time.”

Looking back on the whole day from practice to the event, Shepherd admits a small regret in not going further in their adjustments before the event.

“Mike McColl was working with me and wanted to make a change and I said, ‘Don’t go so far’ and I actually regret it as we would’ve been spot on,” he commented. “That’s the fine line. It looks like a big difference when you’re behind the leader by three quarters of a straightaway, but all it takes is a little bit every corner and that evaporates. Like I said, I just had to pedal it a little too much and couldn’t get the speed off the corners because I was too free, but it was overall a good day. Kept the car clean and now I can make it faster next race.”

Shepherd will get another chance at Canada’s Crown Jewel when they return to Jukasa in September. Though before then, the APC Auto Parts United Late Models Series will head to Sauble Speedway on August 22.

“It’ll be tricky,” he said. “I haven’t run Sauble since the age of 15. It was a race on the schedule that was a wild card for me. We could unload and be really good, but I think it’s time to work on and focus and make sure we’re right for that race, because it’s another place if you’re off a little bit, you’re going to fall backwards. Just make sure we’re on point, give feedback, and get better.”

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